Pay Attention Fanatics: LeBron Dropping Clues Like An Anvil (Poll)

“For me, I’m a winner, I just want to win. “I have yet to play for a team that doesn’t like defense in my career. It’s not about the team, it’s about individuals. Individuals have to take the responsibility to guard the guy in front of them.” – LeBron James

This morning “The New York Beats” are taking swipes at each other, as usual, because one reporter, who shall not be named here, dared to ask LeKing about the summer of free agency.  LeChosen One’s response was dismissive of the reporter and the issue. “I stopped answering … I don’t know if you’ve been around. I don’t know what you’ve been doing. I stopped answering free-agent questions a long time ago. So, move on to the next (question), please,” advised LeBron.  We know that the absolute answer is coming soon.  It’s getting frighteningly closer by the day, but we still want to know and I think he really wants to tell us.

His reference to defense was a direct swipe at the Knicks, who offered so little resistance that it became a Cav bench joke during the game. Even more telling is that LeBron believes defense begins with individuals being committed to guarding the man in front of them.   “But it’s not about team. It’s individuals first. Individuals have to take and want the responsibility to guard the guy in front of him,” he said.  Since defense is not as simple as one man standing in front of another, he leaves a bit open for interpretation regarding how he feels about the Knicks as a team and as individual players.  During this last audition by the Knicks, he saw no defensive commitment from the team or the individuals on the team.

It is clear that his coach, Mike Brown, as one would expect, is reminding LeBron that teams that the present-day Knicks are modeled after have not been successful because they have been virtually defenseless.  Coach Brown opined, “I’m not a fan of those old Sacramento, old Dallas and old Phoenix teams. The success of that formula in the playoffs is not very high.”

Certainly, we’ll stay tuned to the next episode of “As The Knicks Turn” but the more LeBron says, the more he chips away at any reasonable hope that he will come to the Knicks, no matter what others say about him needing New York to become more than King of the NBA but Master of the Universe. What do you think?