Peace is jumping ship before the iceberg hits?

titanic.jpg Titanic approaching iceberg image by GreginSD

Just keeping it real. I believe we are heading in this direction. The only way to miss that big Iceberg is to make a sharp turn. Walsh is driving this ship with no sense of danger ahead. It’s one thing if we had comitted to rebuilding and Walsh bought picks ( Anyone see 2nd rounder Dexter Pittman of the Heat? This guy is dangerous and 6’11) we could sit back and watch a young team take their licks and consider it growing pains. However, picking up Amare for 100 million changed that senario. You can roll with making excuses ….”we need to gel” ” the Knicks were tired”  ect…ect.. but the bottom line is after barely beating a Euro D-league team and then losing to last years 15 win Wolves yesterday, this ship will hit that Iceberg if we don’t change course. If we stand Pat and try to ride Amare’s 29 year old surgically repaired knees this year, he will do one of two things. Get hurt or get booed out of the Garden which lands the ship directly at the heart of that iceberg. “Those who don’t remember history are bound to repeat it”….Alan Houston anyone? Tman & Statesman agree that Walsh should not sleep on the top 5er that currently wants an in on this team. Gallo & Randolph going with a 1st rounder is not exactly “gutting” this team. Walker, Fields, Rush, and Douglas are some nice young pieces to work with TWO All Stars. Felton has alot of work to do and is not really raising his trade value with his horrid intro as a Knick. Will Walsh wake up before a direct hit to the Starboard of this Knick Ship? Will we keep being reminded that every time we play against Brandon Jennings, Brooke Lopez and Eric Gordon ..that they could and should have been Knicks? Maybe the only way to get rid of Walsh and Damphony is to hit that Iceberg within the first 15 games? What makes matters worse is that we have the answer to all our bitching thats not a pipe dream. However, he’s caught up in Walsh’s Dream Catcher.