Peaceman, Aaron Hodges and Lives Contribute to NBA Big Questions on Hoops Manifesto

Jeff Fox over at puts together a weekly series, NBA Big Questions, and this week Peaceman, Lives and I have contributed. Among the questions was whether or not the Knicks record of 16-9 is legit or a mirage. Here are our responses:

“The Knicks have had the perfect mix of an easy schedule and opposing teams best player hurt during this run. This week they play Denver, Boston and Miami. My prediction is that the Knicks will get embarrassed all three games and bring them back to reality.” – Peaceman 

“In the words of Amar’e Stoudemire, “the Knicks are back.” Their record is not a mirage but they have been beating up on teams with lesser talent. The victory against the Nuggets on Sunday was impressive but they have two more measuring stick games this week against the Celtics on Wednesday and the Miami Heat on Friday. Are they a good team? Without a doubt. Are they a contender? That remains to be seen but make no mistake the Knicks have turned the corner and are once again relevant. I almost forgot what that feels like.” – Aaron Hodges 

“The Knicks are for real and most of the teams they have beaten are real bad.  The Knicks are beating losing teams in the soft part of their schedule.  It has been a real thrill for Knicks fans, but we must be for real too. Our wins have come against teams which are young, undermanned, defensively deficient and/or just plain suck.  However, winning carries a momentum and builds a confidence that can carry over into contests with better teams.  The Knicks best attribute is that they play the full 48 minutes.  A good team that does not play and pay attention most of the game will get a rude awakening.  But the Knicks will have trouble against teams that play real defense, excellent interior play and play with the experience of winning squads.” – LIVES

For more of NBA Big Questions head over to Hoops Manifesto where you’ll catch bloggers chopping it up about the NBA’s purchase of the New Orleans Hornets, the most surprsing player of the year thus far, and the pick of the week. Trust me this edition is very Knicks heavy.