Unbelievable.  Peaceman is a regular Nostradamus.  Peaceman, the Fanatic best known for his explosive expressiveness as illustrated by his avatar picture of a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud, turns out to be the most prescient Fanatic of all.  For the contest, which was won by Paul for the most accurate forecast of a the won-lost record during the first ten-game stretch of 2010, Peaceman predicted that the Knicks would set the record for the worst home loss ever.  But, he missed by only one game when he suggested that the Knicks would lose to the Lakers by 62 points while going 1-9 from January 1 to January 22.

Instead one game later, the Knicks lost to the Mavericks by 50 in a 128-78 shellacking at MSG.  This ass whupping was the worst home loss and the second-worst loss over all in franchise history.

At the time, both the won-lost record prediction and the huge loss seemed ridiculous.  But once again the erratic, inconsistent and poorly coached Knicks have made Peaceman one of the most insightful Fanatics in Knicks’ history.  Now Peaceman is laughing at those who suggested the “losing culture” has left the Knicks front office and locker room.

When asked about the prediction, an unnamed source said, “Remember Peaceman was way off with that ridiculous 1-9 guess. I [Paul] am more in-tuned with the actual quality of this team.  That was just a lucky guess.  He was just lucky that the Knicks didn’t realize there was a game today.”