Q & A With College Wolf Of TWolves Blog


CollegeWolf Speaks In anticipation of tonight’s game against the Twolves, we teamed up with CollegeWolf of Bloguin’s TWolves Blog to exchange some knowledge about our respective teams.  In this wonderful Q&A, CollegeWolf breaks down why the TWolves may be headed in the right direction and why Rubio is not headed in ours .  Our Q & A, featuring my answers can be found at TWolves Blog.

Knicks Fanatics: Is Kurt Rambis the right coach and the triangle the right system for this team?

CollegeWolf: For the most part, I think Rambis is the right guy.  His rotations have been “iffy” lately, but I think he’s trying to teach some lessons and get everyone to do things the “right way.”  He seems to know what he’s doing, and likes coaching.  He’s definitely a breath of fresh air from Randy (Dim)Wittman and Kevin McFale.  He also seems to enjoy and relish the task of teaching and fostering these young players.  I hope his vision turns out to be true.

With that said, the Triangle is NOT the right system for this team as currently composed.  We just don’t have the athletes or players for it.  You can’t force existing players to fit into a certain system, but rather you need to go out and get the personnel.  That is where this experiment has failed thus far.  We have no dominant wing player.  We have perhaps an average-at-best wing player, in Corey Brewer.  Flynn seems lost in the Triangle.  Al Jefferson as the important offense facilitating post player… well, lets just not go there.  Love is the best fit for the Triangle, but its not really working too well when he has no one else around him that fits the system.  The system needs to change, or the roster needs (yet another) near complete overhaul this off-season.

Knicks Fanatics:
Is the verdict in yet on the impact of D-Kahn drafting so many point guards last draft and will he go after John Wall this year?

CollegeWolf: I can’t say the verdict is in yet.  It hasn’t even been a season.  On top of that, we really only have one PG playing for us from the draft, so what is the issue there?  I don’t see one.  With that noted, I’d have loved if we went a different direction with Flynn (but still drafted Rubio), and then kept Ty Lawson at #18.

Even better, this could have all been different (and more successful) if the stupid Kings would have just taken Rubio. The Wolves with Ty Evans and Lawson + Flynn/Curry/DeRozan/whomever would be much better off.

Best case scenario would have been Harden and Evans.  Wow.  Drooling.

Anyways, I digress.  Of course you take Wall if you have the chance!  I think the only team in the league that wouldn’t take Wall is New Orleans.  Even then, I think they would at least have to consider it.  He is *that good.*  He’s the “LeBron James of PG’s.”  I don’t mean physically, but in the way that he’s so much better than everyone else at his age and position.

Knicks Fanatics: What moves during the trade deadline and the off-season will bring the Wolves closer to being a contender next year?

CollegeWolf: I don’t know if there is anything that can be done in the immediate future that would make us a “contender.”  At least, not a championship contender.  A much more realistic goal is to keep improving and hopefully contend for the playoffs.  With that said, we can’t go and make any rash moves.  Our salary situation is great, and we have time to be patient and continue to add talent and “assets.”  If there is a deal at the deadline that “blows us away” it makes sense to take it, otherwise we have 20+ million in expiring contracts that will become useless after the deadline. Hopefully we can at least be a third team that helps to facilitate a trade between others, and pickup a few assets that way.  If we do make a trade, our clear greatest needs are a defensive minded center that blocks shots and rebounds (Ty Chandler/Dalembert/Perkins type player), as well as a dynamic slashing win (Gay/Butler/Iggy type player.)

This offseason we need to be patient and see if any teams come to us.  If not, the only free agents that I’d really like to see are Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay.  Assuming we wouldn’t/couldn’t land either of them, then we shouldn’t waste cap space. We are loaded with draft picks again, and absolutely, positively need to hit a homerun in the draft.  It’s really too early to speculate about the draft, so I won’t ramble on about that.  Outside of the obvious pick of John Wall, I’d love to see Evan Turner on the Wolves.  He’s exactly the type of wing we need, especially for the Triangle.

Going back to this deadline, we were discussing possibilities in our forum.  One thing I really liked was “rolling over” our expiring contracts by trading with the Knicks.  For example, we trade expiring contracts for Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill.  Or, we take Hill and Curry off your hands for expiring contracts, but you guys send us Gallinari as well.  Is that something you would approve of?  I know Gallinari is your most untouchable player, but would he really stand in the way of clearing enough cap space for trying to land LeBron and Wade/Bosh?  I can’t see how you guys could pass that up.

Knicks Fanatics: Is Ricky Rubio coming to Minnesota and do the fans really care?

CollegeWolf: Unless Kahn is blown away by an offer, at this point in time I have to believe he’ll come to MN (if anywhere.)  I mean granted, he’s one of the best trade assets of any team in the NBA.  But we aren’t paying him, and as long as he continues to impress in Europe we can demand a ransom to trade for his rights.  As for going to New York… no.  It’s absurd that they would give him away to the Knicks.  Nothing personal, but all the talk was/is about Rubio going to New York. It doesn’t help the “speculation situation” that the Timberwolves are a terrible team and Organization that has been one of the laughingstocks of the NBA for the past 5 years or so.  That’s undeniable.

But in two years (or more) anything could happen.  I mean, his skills are already obviously apparent to anyone that knows basketball, and he’s only improving.  Did anyone see the Brandon Jennings explosion coming?  Anything could happen, and by the time he’s in the NBA a lot of things will have changed.

I think most fans are knowledgeable enough to care.  But do they?  I don’t think the question is about Rubio, but do they care about the Wolves anymore?  (insert “lol” here.)  Seriously though, I don’t think any fans would be happy with our Front Office just giving him away as part of a trade.  And I do think a lot of fans want him on the team at some point.  At least they need to see what he can do.

Knicks Fanatics:
What does the Twolves Blog have in store for its fans within the next year, anything outlandish or new?

CollegeWolf: I’d hate to embellish or spew hyberbole, but I think its safe to say it will be more of the same.  Solid Wolves opinion, podcasts, and complete coverage of the team from around the web.  On top of that, we’ve got one of the best and most established forum communities I’ve been a part of.  So while we may not have anything groundbreaking, you know what you are going to get (not too much unlike our 20 win team.  Every season.)