Quick Knicks

 Some quick thoughts following the Knicks 112-91 victory against the Washington Wizards Friday Night

The Knicks were able to adjust to the defensive schemes that the Wizards threw at them. They remained patient and moved the ball well on the perimeter without becoming anxious.

Danilo Gallinari seems to have regained his confidence. Perhaps the wrist was an issue that hampered his effectiveness.

John Wall is decent but he still can’t run the floor like Timofey Mozgov can.

Wilson Chandler had one of the nastiest dunks you’ll ever see. Or as O&B described it in the open thread:  “Nasty ill Thrilling Dunk by Candler on McGhee a reverse over McGhee! Yeah Baby! “

Is it just me or are the Knicks getting a plethra of blocks so far? Between Turiaf and Stat they are keeping people honest. Toney Douglass has been a a pest against some of the best point guards in the league.

This team has character and is starting to become familiar with each other.

Nice to see them close out two games in a row.