A Hotlinks Smorgasbord — Food For The Soul: The Nor’easter Edition

A Hotlinks Smorgasbord – Food For The Tortured Knicks
Soul: The Nor’Easter Edition

Even if you are in Japan, a Nor’easter is a good reason to gather a bunch of reading material and relax. We’ve done the gathering, so you can just relax today.
The “McGrady-Cap Space Trade” inspired a bit of good material on the direction of the Knicks and the effectiveness of the Knicks’ faith-based deconstructionism  (rebuilding on a self-inflicted broken wing and a prayer).  I was pleasantly surprised that more and more New York Knicks fans are paying attention and doing the math.   As Donnie Walsh and his apologists back step from the notion that this was all in preparation for a run at Wade and LeKing, as Statesman mentioned in an earlier comment, they are also pushing forward the date for expected change.  Now the bloggers providing protection to the Gullibles of the Knicks blogoverse are telling us that the past two years of poor decision making didn’t count — the real building started with trading for another decaying former superstar for his own personal tryouts (well, the quality of that one lasted about two games).  Sometimes, I feel like we need to put an Isiah Thomas mask on Donnie Walsh just to solicit some criticism of this mess. But not so fast, there is variety in the opinions out there.

Thoughts on General Managing the Donnie Walsh Way:

Donnie Walsh wins at least one 8th spot in Tom Ziller’s FanHouse’s 2010 NBA General Manager Swagger Index.

Shaun Powell on NBA.com gives us his winners and losers emerge from deadline moves.

Mike Kurylo providea a solid read in Grading The Knicks 2010 Deadline Deals of Knickerblogger.net.

John Hollinger, hated by Knicks fans everywhere gives Knicks their customary pimp slap in Report Card Time: Grading The Trades (ESPN)

Mihir Bagat, contributor to Bleacher Report, tells us why we should be pissed in New York Knicks: Why Fans Should Be Very Upset
At least, according to Wendell Maxey at  Beyond The Beat, Sergio Rodriguez and Mike D’Antoni have made their long awaited love connection: Mike D’Antoni And Sergio Together At Last

Check out some other gems on B-Ball Style and Culture:

A worthwhile consideration by Kevin Arnovitz at  ESPN, Omri Casspi and Jewish masculine identity

Sarah Moon, guest blogger at A Stern Warning knows what to wear in NBA Style Alert: The Over-Accessorizers

Mookie gives us this vid on the Nash brand of commercialism.  Nash is so cool because he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Steve Nash is the Most Ridiculous Man in the World
I’ve gotta ask.  Which part of the 12-step program is this type of socializing encouraged? Brett Pollakoff on  Don Nelson’s team-bonding methods: Don Nelson Takes His Players To A Bar

And of course, we can’t get enough of former Knicks in news and views:

Personally, I already miss Nate so I was anxious to digg Don’t be scared of Nate Robinson by Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie.

Clearly D’Antoni’s feelings about Nate aren’t so wistful according to Will Leitch in Mike D’Antoni Always Enjoys Mocking Nate Robinson

Starbustbury still remains a compelling foil in Ten Reasons Starbury’s Playing In China at Five Tool Tool.

I don’t know if he was really ever a Knick but here is Milicic to make Timberwolves debut on Sunday night Yahoo Sports