“My Bad”: Stand-Up Guy Walsh Tries Sword Falling


“I didn’t see how you could improve this franchise by making trades or building through the draft over a long period of time. So I looked and said, ‘We could get under the cap.’ So I tried to do that. And if that doesn’t work right away, I would continue to try to do it. And if I’m not the guy, I’ll leave. I don’t know another way to say it. But I don’t think I put Mike in a situation where I think he should be winning with this team.” – Donnie Walsh

And according to our last poll, you Fanatics thought the Knicks weren’t going to get a Cavalier. . .umm. . . . I mean cavalier.

The truth is that Donnie Walsh has always been a stand-up kinda guy. So it’s no surprise that with the anti-D’Antoni furor gaining momentum, not just by the loss, but by the lackluster and uncommitted performance of the team, Donnie Walsh stepped up and fell on the sword for his coach.  As he should have. He said, “Mike’s my coach, all right? I have more responsibility for whatever you guys are writing about than he does. So I should be the guy looked at. I’m taking the responsibility for these first two seasons. I did it the first day I got here”.

When Walsh first arrived he said a major part of his plan was to make the Knicks competitive.  In order to do that he hired Mike D’Antoni and committed to giving him players while buying cap space.  The effort to provide a quality product has reached “Epic Fail” proportions which Walsh did not anticipate. He probably did not tell D’Antoni, when he hired him, that the next two years would be the worst of his career.  At least D’Antoni, with the many new gray hairs of managerial stress, doesn’t express his emotions like he expected to fail to be competitive.

After a brief public expression of doubt about the 2010 Plan, D’Antoni quickly pulled it back together  and clarified that he believes in Walsh and the plan.  “That’s why I came here, because I have so much faith in him that we can get the job done together. There’s nobody out of the boat. Everybody’s in the same boat, so everybody’s got the same responsibility, same blame, same everything else. So that’s nice of him to say. Everybody has to share the responsibility and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re sticking with the plan and we’re going to try and see it through,” he told reporters

He’s right.  There’s enough blame to go around.

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