Stern Admits Isiah Snafu After Allowing Former Knick Pres To Take Media Hit

“It’s fair to say I missed the issue. I told them they can do it. When it was announced, my guy said it’s not allowed. I blew that one pretty good.  It didn’t comply with our rules and ultimately wouldn’t have complied with NCAA rules Stern added.” — David Stern

From my stand point this Knicks news is non-news because if the press did it’s job in the first place, it would have been clear that the entire debacle was David Stern’s fault.  It was clear shortly after it began that both Isiah Thomas and James Dolan did their due diligence by contacting the NCAA and the Commissioner before making the announcement. We said before that it was Stern’s fault.  However, the media and fan hatred over-boiled once again because covering Isiah has nothing to do about being rational, well-reasoned and fair.   Instead it turned into a typical low tech re-lynching of Thomas where some folks keep looking for reasons to pile it on.

What I don’t get is why Stern would revisit the issue at all after he let Dolan and Thomas take the hit for his error.  One writer suggests that since he now has the Knicks back into the marketing forefront, he has an obligation to Dolan to clear him on this issue.  What the press continually fails to acknowledge is the cooperative agreement the Dolan’s made with Stern two years ago.  (Why would Dolan hire Isiah without talking to Stern in the first place?)  Well, Dolan upheld his part of the deal and brought in Walsh and kept his mouth shut for two years even in the midst of a pretty poor  (failed “Target LeBron without a team”) strategy to rebuild the team.  So, I guess Stern owed it to him to be a stand up guy, finally. Or is he greasing the tracks for Isiah’s eventual return?

Now let’s see how much criticism the same press that dogged Thomas for the hiring fiasco aims toward Commissioner Stern.  Don’t count on much of it.  They’re not going to become competent and honest overnight.

(Hmmmm! I wonder what my boy Aaron Hodges has to say about this?)

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