Stoudemire Leaning Towards Knicks


I’m seeing all sorts of talk about Amare Stoudemire leaving Phoenix and leaning heavily towards the New York Knicks.

But it seems that the Knicks are waiting to hear from Chris Bosh to see what his intentions are. This comes from Chad Ford over at True Hoop (yes its affiliated with ESPN)

Stoudemire has now turned to the New York Knicks and is working on securing a max five-year deal there. While Stoudemire’s camp is eager to get a deal done according to sources, the Knicks are reluctant to commit to him until they know what Chris Bosh decides. But once Bosh makes a decision, the team can get more serious about completing if Bosh chooses to play elsewhere.


Now this is all speculation but if it is true that Stoudemire is leaning towards the Knicks and they are waiting for Bosh to make up his mind than it shows an inability to make a decision, They are satisfied with waiting for the perfect situation to fall into their lap, aka LeBron James and his chosen running mate. I would give Stoudemire the 5 year contract that he wants and start building around that. At least they’d have another weapon in the arsenal.