Nate The GRR8″ who has never played in the post season prior to his departure
from the “New York Nightmares” ….. killed Superman last night.  No charges
were filed as of yet, however, Scientists from all over the world are quarantining
TD Garden today to test the Kryptonite  levels inside the Boston Arena.
“I felt very weak in the second quarter” said Dwight Howard. ‘My strength just vanished after Nate hit his first trey in the second quarter’ was the only statement
Dwight Howard made.  Meanwhile, I felt connected to every Knick Fanatic
as I sat in my living room watching one of my favorite Ex-Knicks kill Superman.
I felt the Force MD’S energy from DC all the way to my Upper East Side residence. I felt the energy from all points in New Jersey.  I felt “Steady” from
some tropical place echoing ” Nate knows what’s Good!”
KARMA my Fanatic brothers….. will have this guy play Center against the “Green
Monster” in the 2010 Finals!  KARMA!
channing-fry by jethro2110.
YES MY BROTHER’S from Different Mother’s…. We Can Watch OUR KNICKS

FELLOWSHIP…. A TIME CAPSULE*************************************
January 8, 2007 7:49 PM
I have no problem waiting for Lee. However, K.G. is 30 and Lee is 24. KG would open up the floor for Curry and could mentor him ( D. Robinson did same for Duncan). We’re still waiting for Lee to develop a consistant 15- 20 footer. You really think Lee will ever be NBA MVP? I like the Lee, but he’d be gone in a heartbeat if I could make that deal. That said I will wait, root and hope I’m wrong. Like I said it’s just wishful thinking.
January 8, 2007 8:24 PM
This may be politically incorrect, but it seems to me the overwhelming support for David Lee is the fact that he’s white. There has always been a yearning for the “Great White Hope” among Knick fans. Personally, Brian Quinnett was my favorite white guy.
January 8, 2007 8:42 PM
Tman, as much as it hurts me, the Knicks, with all there history, are not ready for another “Texas massacure” against a another TEXAS team like DALLAS! ( ie.. Houston and San Antonio!) EVEN with a player of KG’s status! All that would do is detract from Curry’s development! Mark Cuban recently posted on his blog… that the Knicks were the only team in the East that had incentive to be in the finals because of the Knicks/Bulls draft agreement for the Curry trade would give the Bulls and any Eastern conference team an incentive to lose games in favor “moving up” for a better draft selection run at ODEM! Cuban is an arrogent ass… but I think he can back up whatever he puts out there by the way Dallas is playing! We are in a rebuilding process, and must take our lumps and bruse’s now! The quick fix has been tested too many times in NY! And has not been successful since the “pearl quick fix” of 1973!
January 8, 2007 8:52 PM
vlade-dade and rastaman rule!!! stay on top of things my brothas. bumrush40 is with you all the way. Frank Isola wassup??? finally an objective and enlighting article? Was it the red eye flight? Whatever it was, you still forgot about the 54 million coming off of next years cap. It is also okay to talk about isiah’s handling of ALL OF THE KNICKS BIGS. zeke is doing well and you are still missing the boat. later.
January 8, 2007 8:55 PM
Gotcha Peaceman.Let’s agree to disagree. It’s all good.
January 8, 2007 9:24 PM
Dont forget that Lee costs very little while anybody we trade for would definitely make 20 mil or more. Didn’t he sign the richest contract in the NBA with last few years probably escalating to 25+ mil. That is scary even if its Dolans money.
January 8, 2007 9:25 PM
Referring to Garnett
January 8, 2007 9:28 PM
Peaceman is right about the quick fixes. That’s the exact point I was making earlier. Besides that, KG hasn’t really been the best with making his teammates better. He’s had good ones too so I don’t know about that aspect Tman. He’s a great player but unneccessary for the Knicks. If we can deal for anything, it needs to be for a deadeye shooter who doesn’t need major minutes on the floor. I know, I know, there’s not many of those guys out there but that would be in the line of what we need.
January 8, 2007 9:36 PM
All good Tman! vladimir, i’m glad your a Knicks fan! Your perception cuts to the BONE! peaceout!
January 8, 2007 10:25 PM
Marc Berman, was the only writer in the World that knew Larry brown had a press conference today! The rest of the World…..didnt care!
January 8, 2007 10:32 PM
bob marley once song”they got so much things to say right now they got so much things to say” to sport writers and bloggers i dedicate this song to you….bless
Lives In New Jersey, Loves New York
January 9, 2007 2:48 AM
Frank, most everyone agrees: excellent article supplemented by a great (thoughtful and balanced) post. Enjoyable and informative.
I visited Marc Berman’s blog recently and it is an absolute joke. Not only was he plugging for a family member’s business, but the posts degenerated into one line name calling with absolutely no facts, history or knowledge of the game. There was one good poster who would have fit in here.
Lee Is Special and Deserves the Attention
Farewell. Read you later, Knick Fan 11. You made some decent points, but they are more opinion than fact. Since, I’ve been posting on this blog, no one has called David Lee great, although Ed is pretty adamant about linking Isiah’s job to Lee starting. Everyone agrees that Lee is pretty darn good, but opinions differ on what to do with him. It’s good to have someone like him to argue about in a positive way.
The fact is that Lee is special, despite his deficiencies. (However, whoever mentioned Lee in the same lineage as Bird was being sacrilegious. The Hick from French Lick was great when he came into the NBA and had a multitude of skills including a mid-range jumper, rebounding skills, ability to make steals, off the chain passing skills, etc. Lee becoming Bird. No way in hell.)
Nevertheless, the proof of Lee’s specialness is in the videotape and the stats. As previously stated, he is #2 in rebounding per 48 minutes, but most of his rebounds (244 of 384) are defensive rebounds, killing the argument that his rebounds are largely the result of Knicks poor shooting which is at 45.4% (ranked 14th overall) . Lee’s work ethic, value and durability are highlighted by the fact he is 5th in minutes on the Knicks and he has played all 36 games to date.
Lee also brings intangibles that show up in plays and not stat sheets. Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas and others lament that Starbury does not get enough opportunity on the fast break which is really where he can get most of his points. News flash. The break starts with rebounding. Ever notice that Starbury and Crawford break after receiving the ball from Lee. Lee knows how to outlet pass. Curry should be doing that too.
Have you also noticed that Lee is now receiving the ball in a position to make the pass into the post. He is confident and patient enough to make the pass into Curry or Rose at the right time. And he doesn’t give up as quickly as the guards do.
For the most part Lee’s points are the result of his rebounding, but notice that he is also very difficult to guard in the post, especially facing the basket. He is strong and has a nice handle and first step and has a great relationship with the glass. Note that Lee can create his own points better than Jeffries and Balkman.
Additionally, without Lee, the passes become more careless and it takes longer to get the ball into Curry leaving the guards with the ball at the 3 point line with enough seconds left on the shot clock to hoist a prayer or to dribble the ball away to the defender on a emergency penetration move. And although Lee is a defensive liability, most of the Knicks are when Curry doesn’t play defense and isn’t mentally there to disrupt the penetration.
If you recall, in the first half of the Clippers game Lee was on the floor when the Knicks went down by 10. He was on the floor with Balkman, Curry, Collins and Marbury. At the end of the half, the Knicks were down by 13 with Rose, Jeffries, Curry, Marbury and Crawford on the floor. In that game early on Brand kicked Frye’s ass one on one with a wide variety of moves and shots. Isiah tried to go big by bringing in James and then Rose to slow down Brand, but the main problem was Curry who did not have a single rebound until 5 minutes were remaining in the second quarter. And Kamen was cleaning his clock around the basket.
The game is about quality possessions. Rebounds increase the opportunity for quality possessions. Do not knock rebounds.
Needless to say, the two critical plays in two of the overtime wins involved a pass and a tip in by Lee. He has that something that makes him a winner. And it is contagious. He is clearly a good presence in the locker room even as a youngster.
He makes his teammates better and work harder.
Frank hit it right on the head when he suggested bringing Lee in for Curry or Frye as a substitution. This would be especially effective early in the game just when the Knicks start to get down by double figures, because the reason they usually fall behind fast is a combination of turnovers and very bad defense on the other end, usually by Curry who is either in the wrong position, doesn’t put his hands up or body in the way, jump or go boo for that matter. His failure to defend the inside causes at least two problems. First, it really exposes Lee when he gets beat off the dribble and their is no one behind him to defend. Second, the driving guards gain confidence and speed and require Knick guards to play off a little giving room for open jump shots. And the Zone sucks against most NBA teams.
I agree that Lee is a role player; a special role player. Every championship team has versatile, good role players. Every one. Arguably he is very good trade bait, but I like this guy as a Knick for life. (And that has nothing to do with his race).
Lives In New Jersey, Loves New York
January 9, 2007 3:02 AM
Random observations:
1)I fail to see what being in the sorry Eastern Division has to do with the Knick’s record. Yes, it has a lot to do with the Knick’s standing but by my count only 5 of the 36 games have been against Atlantic Division foes and the Knicks are 1-4 against them. Frank and others seem to cite the State of the Division as the reason the Knicks are playing better.
2) I hear all the praise about Mardy Collins, but besides the preseason, I don’t see it. Right now he reminds me of Hubert Davis. Please enlighten me.
3) While it is certainly true that race plays a factor in many aspects in American sporting life, sometimes the facts tell you that race is not a primary consideration in evaluating a situation. To suggest that the primary reason we are discussing Lee is race is wrongheaded and ignores the primary fact: he is good and deserves the attention and consideration for his play and skills.
4) The Sixers should be without Webber, but the Knicks could not handle the fast break in Philly. If Philly is not playinig for the lottery, they can be a handful. They have some length and will make post passes difficult and will double Curry really fast. Turnovers will determine the score.
Kevin Harewood
January 9, 2007 9:35 AM
While Mardy Collins overall grade is inconclusive there is no way he should be compared with Hubert Davis. They are two totally diffrent players. Davis was a flat out jump shooter period. Could come in at a minutes notice and hit jump shots. Vewry little handle whatsoever. Collins is a defensive player and a ballhandler first and foremost. He is not a deadeyed shooter.
ALso on the subject of Lee. While I am sure that some of the fanfare is because dude is white (we are in America and folks want to root for those who look like themselves) the biggest fqact is that Lee can play. He can rebound, he has improved his free throw shooting and his 12 to 15 foot jumper. He can finish at the basket with either hand and is a good passer. He really seems concerned about winning and getting better. Every good team needs a guy like this. I don’t care if he is black, white, green or purple.
BTW, did anybody else notice that Steve Francis cannot shot a left hand layup?
January 9, 2007 9:44 AM
Without turning this forum into a racial debate, I just want to quickly state that while I’ve been posting my strong opinions about David Lee’s value to our team, and I’ve been shutting down the “11th hour Knick fan” for his “interesting” DLEE observations, I have also had the opportunity to check my OWN skin color and can happily report that I am STILL a Puerto Rican/American man, still considered a “minority” in this country, who is not desperately pining for a “Great White Hope” Darren, or any “Great Hope” for that matter.
I want a winning team. With winning players who WANT NOTHING more than to see this city wave a championship banner again, you dig?
Please try to avoid playing the race card(unless it’s absolutely neccessary) in a place where all we want to do is be able to gather a bunch of different people from all walks of life in one place to have INTELLIGENT discussions about pro basketball in NYC.
That’s my opinion on your post Darren. I hope it changes your perspective a little bit…

Ewing Cursed the Knicks
January 8, 2007 3:44 PM
Just to be clear…wouldn’t want to be lumped into that lashing distributed by Vladimir…
I would trade DLee for a NO BRAINER. And by that I mean a player that even someone with out a brain would say “Oh Yeah, DLEE? You can have him”.
Otherwise, Lee will be a joy to watch develop. Not into Bird, but I think thats okay too. With Balkman, Lee, Marbury and Crawford on the break…
and if Francis really DOES recover…
we could be an incredible fast breaking team.
Marbury’s already proven that he’s willing to defend. If Marbury has gotten in line with the team’s philosophy of pumping it into Curry and help developing the big man’s game…ANY THING IS POSSIBLE.
I second that emotion, Frank. An insider’s diary. Maybe if you posted some positive articles, they might even start to trust you.

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