Tampering: Keep My Name Out of Your Mouth

Keep Yourrr Name Out Of My Mouth

I started following @forKnicksfans on Twitter a few weeks ago and one of the articles that they linked to was this one about Danilo Gallinari , and his desire to see Lebron James in a Knicks uniform next year. The first sentence explains that Gallo may have committed tampering. It led me to wonder exactly what tampering is and how often the fine line is going to be walked during this off season.

According to the NBA Salary Cap FAQ, “tampering is when a player or team directly or indirectly entices, induces or persuades anybody (player, general manager, etc.) who is under contract with another team to negotiate for their services. The NBA takes tampering very seriously and may impose stiff penalties if it is discovered.”

Seems simple enough. Just don’t call someone out by name until they are a free agent.

Then there’s weird cases like this one involving the ahem…. “fiesty,” over involved owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

And the cozy relationship between Jay-Z and James has to leave some shaking their heads.

Just a little something to chew on as the playoffs heat up and the off season looms

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