The team that gets the most gimmees usually wins, period.

[Editors Note: T’Man a/k/a Mr. T a/k/a the Knicksfanatics Minister of defense is likely the most knowledgeable and more likely the most rugged member of the Knicksfanatics family. When you think of someone going down hard when they get into the paint. Think T’Man with an Oakley scowl saying get out of here or don’t let the hardwood hit you on your way out. The man knows the history, spirit and essence of the game. It’s evident in his words. T’Man is also the standard bearer of the collection of old souls and die hard spirits here at Knicksfanticsblog] 

What’s the easiest shot in the game?

Foul shot, that is it should be. No one is guarding you. Nuff said, make’em you win. Miss them, you lose, and deservedly so.  Next easiest shot, lay-up. Get enuff of those you should win, unless you’re giving away more of them than you get. From there, the rule is usually the closer in the better it should be, you ask Bernard, not Ewing. Sure guys specialize in THEIR shot, Rick Mount was automatic from 25-30, Eddie, the Golden Arm, Miles etc. but a good close in shooter is usually statistically better than a further out one. Once saw a figure that 80% of all scoring is done within 15 feet. Whatever.

It should go without saying that defense and rebounding are the determinants of how many of whatever easy shot you get will be. Therefore D’Antoni’s penchant for winning by scoring with “good” outside shots is BS because as a rule better shots usually are closer to the basket. You get to the foul line faster going to the basket than shooting 3’s.  So, No D, No, O, got it.

Which brings us to the P&R that good teams use like P&J. The question is not only how many, but what kind and how good?

Throughout the ages, the Original Celtics and Harlem (NY)Rens, to eliminate the racial perspective, were masters of the passing game, the deceptive dribble, the outside shot and fancy lay-up. Yes,the game appears to be more athletic, but as the immortal Oscar has said many times, “We could have dunked it then too, but it was considered showing off.” But even if you grant today’s player the gift of more athleticism, no player is screaming raise the basket 6-12″. That would bring the P&R, give &go and deceptiveness back into the game in a hurry. Don’t be skurred, it won’t happen because ESPN and the NBA are just salesmen selling visual popcorn to checker players. Chess is a much harder sell.Check your TV listings.And you wanted to know why America’s youth is losing academic ground to the rest of the third world?

So to bring this back to our boys, the Knicks. Sure they’re more exciting, and will be even more so when, not if, in my opinion they get the back pedaling, blind side punching Mellorama, but will their ceiling, a chip, be any closer?

Not unless they play better D, and smarter O. Smarter O, Mr. Felton.Love every part of your game except the very weak P&R. Yeah, I know you don’t want to be compared to the master, Monster Nash, then how about Dr. Duhon who’s P&R helped make an average forward DLee into a household name and a recipient of an 80 mil Lotto ticket?

Quality and quantity count my man.The team with the most easy baskets wins. You are bringing brass knuckles, a knife and six shooter into a war zone where automatic weapons are being used. Amare on the move is a Howitzer, a Nuclear sub and you are the Detonator, good knick-name right? You need to work on thinking that move into your arsenal, it will raise you to the elite level.

Guys who get their teams easy baskets off passes don’t usually have to fight their way back from 20 point deficits. They stay close and increase the comfort (confidence level of weaker guys). Make Gallo confident in his role and he is a 20 point per game scorer. Right now he has too many mental peaks and valleys. Put the little old wine maker on Phoenix’ squad and he’d be lights out, an All Star.

A large determinant of poor team attitude in the Miami game was the lack of involvement of Fields who feeds off team confidence and ball movement. He looked bad out there because of other people panicking and trying to do it themselves. On a real team TRUST IS EVERYTHING! Save that we need to get to know each other BS.It starts at the top. D”Ant’s offense is bullsquat. If we’re not hitting J’s or dumping it into Amare, THE REVELATION, (another good knick-name) we have no O.

How about a little motion from the forwards instead of just watching the show. Who knows, a game might break out? And Ray, don’t take offense, take advice. There are maybe 3 elite points out there. Right now you’re not one of them. Raise your mental game and you will be.

D’Opey, there are four or five elite teams out there, ours is not one of them. Mallo-Defensively-Mar will not make us one of them. Easy baskets and tougher D will get us there not mirrors and “hot lights out” shooting nights.
Signed, an old Knick’s Fan