Think Like A Nugget GM And String The Knicks Along — Just Bloggin’

Masai UjiriLet’s do a little more than “just bloggin'” here. Just a little more.  Quite frankly, if I am the Denver GM (Masai Ujiri, left) and new cap specialist, there is no way in Hell that I take Danilo Gallinari, Anthony Randolph and Eddie Curry for Carmelo Anthony.  The Nets deal with two picks, Derrick Favors and the expiring contract of Andre Kirilenko was a better deal and I am looking for a better deal than that.  Maybe, I can get something for Kenyon Martin’s expiring too, while I’m at it.

Anyway, Gallo has not shown me enough for me to believe that he will be more than a seventh man on a decent team.  He’s not consistently focused, barely plays defense, can’t take over a game, and spends most of his time lounging with a happy trigger finger on the tre arc. He may be presumed to have a nice b-ball IQ, but he definitely suffers from “basketball attention deficit disorder.” Perhaps George Karl can develop his game and get his mind right, but is that a risk I’m willing to take. I don’t think so.

Similarly, Randolph is very athletic and needs to learn more about the game and how to maximize the use of his body and athleticism.  It can happen.  It can take a couple of years to happen.  Am I willing to accept that as a GM.  Not right now.  I’d rather take someone like Favors who doesn’t have all the bad habits of his recent and past coaches.

No I don’t want Kelunna Azuibuke at $3.3 million.  I believe the non-hype.  His injury is serious and he is having a hard time rebounding.  At best he won’t be well conditioned until September 2011.   If he was in good shape, I would know it by now.  Either Amar’e or Spike Lee would have leaked enough info for me to know he was faking.  D’Antoni’s job is in jeopardy and if Kelunna could play, he would play.

Curry’s contract?  That’s OK, but he is not the only expiring contract out there and I don’t need an expiring if I can get a playa or two.

Give me Chandler at $2 million with a qualifying offer to extend him.  He’s the Knicks’ second best player and they don’t know what the hell to do with him.  Karl can make him more aggressive.  He needs some “nasty” stirred and folded into that game. I like that Russian too.  I’m an international specialist and I’m not sure how I missed him, but I’ll take him now.

While I’m at it, can I get Kenyon Martin off my hands before February too.  I like the additional cap space he’ll bring next year and it is time to get rid of his old behind.  I want something in return for him too.  Who has another $16 million contract they’d like to part with now?  Memphis with Zach Randolph?  Hey Dumars, will you toss me Tayshaun Prince?  You’ve got T-Mac. LOL.

Otherwise, why would I help the Knicks.  Yeah, the Knicks need a third team, but what team is going to help the Knicks prior to the first ten games of the season?  A Western Conference team?  A team that wants to put a crimp in the Hot Three In Miami?  Well, if I’m an Eastern Conference GM with something the Knicks want, I would milk their asses like Dee Morey out in Houston did when the Knicks were desperate for more cap space to get Raymond Felton.  We GM types in the West know how the Knicks roll — on their knees.  And the Knicks will start out like they did the last two years — with players who feel like they are rentals, place holders.  Even Captain Felton, with a two-year contract, and talk of Tony Parker feels like a temporary bookmark.  He can hear Chris Paul saying,”hold that spot for me buddy.”

Help the Knicks?  After they start the season 3-10, maybe.

Yeah, if I am the Nuggets GM, I’m not interesting in helping those tampering Knicks and making it easy for Melo.  We may not curse out loud like Dee Gilbert in Leaveland, Goodbye-yo but we can still curse Melo for rejecting our $65 million.

As Alexander Suvorov said, “There is nobody as terrible as the desperate,” and that is why everyone from players to execs like having the Knicks in the mix of things.  They always help make the pot sweeter than it needs to be.   If I was being nice to the Knicks I would give them some advice; listen to Amar’e Stoudemire.  What he says applies on and off the court:

“At this point, it doesn’t make a difference. The team we have, we got to keep in mind it’s all we got right now. We can’t really focus on the one that’s out there. You can’t really depend on anyone who’s not with us right now. The team we have, we’ve got to be ready to play.”