Three Players The Knicks Must Draft This Year

Hoopsworld has published a story of Wade having a sit down talk with
Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson, so it looks like the Knicks
will strike out in this years free agent sweepstakes. If Walsh remains true to
holding out for a TRUE franchise player, it only makes sense that he targets Mello
in 2011. The NY Post has quoted how Mello feels about coming to the Knicks
HOOPSWORLD has also published its ” 100 Top Draft players of the 2010.”
Keep in mind there’s only 60 selections, leaving 40 of those 100 TOP players
undrafted. That could be a GOLD MINE for the Knicks considering we have
only 4 players under contract, Curry, Gallo, Douglas and Walker.
In my opinion there are THREE players that we must draft and be Hell bent
to get all THREE! These players are :
1. Craig Brackins. At 6’11 in sneakers, he would be our starting SF for the
2010-11 season. His size and shooting touch would spread the floor and make
him a nightmare match-up if Gallo becomes our starting SG. They both would have to
be doubled or singly guarded tight enough to open the lane.
2. Hamady N’Diaye. At a true 6’11, he would become the STARTING Knicks Center.
Perhaps the best defensive big man in the draft, his presence in the lane would
change the current weakness the Knicks have defensively. This guy is a true shot
blocking machine. It is easy for me to say say that he is a taller, quicker and more
aggressive version of a young Ben Wallace. His lack of offense would be fine considering
he would play ONE year before Mello plays beside him, which would then move Craig
Brackins to PF, leaving the Knicks front court with a line up of 6’9 Mello at SF, 6’11
Brackins at PF, and 6’11 N’Diaye at Center, which leaves us with a line up that is big
enough to compete with any team in the NBA. Both Mello & Brackins will have to be doubled, leaving the dirty work to N’Diaye, who will get ALL of his points from offensive put backs.
3. Lance Stephenson: being just 19 years old and a New York Native, this 6’5 SG
has too much upside to pass on. His nick name ” BORN READY” was given to him
while at Lincoln High School.  Here is an insert from an article by Vito Forlenza
from Sports:

The recruitment of Lance Stephenson, a 6-foot-5 swingman from Coney Island who got his nickname from wowing college and pro stars at Rucker Park, is among the most mesmerizing recruiting stories of all time.

Stephenson is New York State’s all-time leading scorer and a McDonald’s All-American who has led Lincoln High School to back-to-back state championships and an unprecedented four straight PSAL titles. He may be following in the footsteps of Lincoln greats Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair, but most experts agree that Stephenson is better than both.

This is why Walsh must take this Kid from New York.  He’s a low risk high reward type player! Just being NEW YORK STATES all-time leading scorer alone, deserves
a shot to play with the knicks while it will cost us very little to find out if this Kid can
become a Superstar or a Bust. If we are Lucky, he will become the Steal of the draft!
With this Plan of having Mello, Brackins and N’Diaye our starting line up of 2010,
with Gallo locking up our SG position, we need a PG. We have Toney Douglas, however
my suggestion is to sign a free agent. Please stay with me here. That FREE AGENT
is the one and only NATE ROBINSON. YES, OUR NATE ROBINSON. Whatever Boston offers him, we will be able to offer more. NATE is playing PG for the Celtics and most of
us FANATICS have known that NATE can play PG. A decision has to be made by Knicks
Management to CEMENT NATE as a PG and stay with him at that position. Douglas can be his backup and hopefully Nate will have a Championship Ring as a Back up PG.
Ergo our 2011 Starting line up would be as follows:
Starting 5……..PG Nate Robinson, SG Gallinari, C..Hamady N’Diaye, PF Craig Brackins,
SF Carmelo  Anthony.
BENCH: Lance Stephenson, Walker, Andy Rautins( UN-DRAFTED from the CUSE who
is a lights out three point shooter) undrafted center
Dexter Pittman and names that we’ve never heard of before!
This plan is as viable as any that has been discussed before.
It’s just another option amongst many.