T’Man Speaks: Stern Needs To Be Strict On Human Rights And China’s Wrongs

(This provocative offering comes from our very own Tman who has been consistent in his call for David Stern to pay attention to the significance of the partnerships he enters into in the name of money and market expansion. We did take editorial liberty and break up the legendary “block” format Tman usually drops on us.  The penthouse has a little more elbow room for paragraph formatting.  LOL)

As far as the Knicks go, this is a new experience.  I have gone on record, even been renamed correctly by O&B as D’man, and it’s all about the importance of defense in this incredibly entertaining game, B-ball.Check the record and see how many games we’ve won holding teams under 100, and then again what the scores were when we lost.By ignoring D,while emphasizing the so-called future evolution of the game, gazelleball, run & shoot, we’ve made the same mistake that IT made.

Yes, the game has been made to appear to be more like a video game for the ESPN watching uninitiated.Even the no touching defensive changes made to uptempo the game can’t change one thing. No matter how pretty you want to look on O, you can’t win consistently without solid as a rock D. The proof is all around us historically. Could the Roman legions have conquered the word without playing as much D as O?The NBA, Nothing But Argent, is heading towards the bastardization of the game for 40 pieces of silver. They need a product that appeals to a billion unschooled Asians, Africans and Americans. That’s why No’D'Antoni, and in turn Euro star Gallo, were brought in instead of more serviceable ballers and a defensive coach. It’s about a buck, always was and always will be.

But there is no afro-desiac like winning. However winning is a much tougher road to build and then travel .It is easier to follow the Big Box/Costco theory, give the people more, and more, of what they think they want, tittylation, more dunking, more in your face screaming, more dehumanization by creating mythic superstars out of normal human beings, even if the quality of the game is slowly being drained. Just how tasty does that giant tomato taste?

But remember before you can subjugate and exterminate you must dehumanize, whether by aggrandizement or diminishment. Two sides that appear dissimilar but are the same. People must always be viewed as human, not superhuman or subhuman, or there will be dire consequences.Why talk about the NBA’s deal with China on a Knicks site? Because this business is in a unique position to affect some change without firing a shot. They want us, but we should not want them, at least not in the way they treat their own people. People are not supposed to disappear in the middle of the night for criticizing their government. Think about it.

If you allow that then who’s next? Want more examples of why we shouldn’t partner with this type of government? When the Nazis came into power in the 1930′s, what happened to the approximately 30 thousand bi-racial children fathered by African French Foreign Legionnaires who occupied Germany after WW1?Look it up.Interesting anomaly there, right? That is the type of government we are eagerly getting into bed with. We should be better than that.

David Stern's Partnership With Asia Under Scrutiny

NBA Commissioner David Stern and Vice President of the Chinese Basketball Association Li Jinsheng