To Russia With Love – Timofey’s A Blogger

While Knicks rookie center Timofey Mozgov is trying to get acclimated to the American professional game and regimen, he is giving his Russian fans a taste of his NBA life in his blog at touted as the largest Russian-speaking community of sports fans.  Of course the blog is in Russian, but thank Googleness for the Google translator which allows us to treat you to the same inside info that our Mozgov-loving comrades in Russia enjoy.  After testing a number of translators, the translation is still rather loose and there is room for misinterpretation, but from what is evident, Mozgov is a funny, self-deprecating lover of literature. Also according to Mozgov, he is concerned that he has Amar’e’s forgiveness for his play and he really liked meeting Michael J. Fox. 

Apparently, Mozzy loves words, including his own, because his posts are not short (aka LAPS aka “Long Ass Posts”); they are not as long as a Tolstoy tale, but you can see him writing the NBA version of “War and Peace: The Life of A Rookie With The Knicks.”  Following are the translations for his November 6th and 4th posts respectively.

November 6th, 2010:


Traveled to Chicago. Incidentally, my girlfriend’s grandmother lives, Alla. Alla itself, however, did not fly with us – somehow not made it here. Although there was one exception.

It’s preseason tour of Europe, in Paris and Milan. Here then – yes, be allowed to take family or friend. Advance inquired whether we need additional space in the hotel. True, all the same, they flew another flight separately: with the delegation and the club, especially in the club aircraft all strictly. I know for sure in the stands had a wife (or girlfriend) and mother of Douglas Amare.

Want to know how are we flying? Okay – tell!

Randolph, Felton and Amare on the way to Chicago, played poker, Tyuryaf almost always watching movies, but this time he wrote something very long in the iPhone, my good buddy Gallinari sleeps (sometimes, of course, also prefers the movies, but usually we come back very late – the statute). Someone watching videos. Imagine, the whole flight twist clips? Somehow it is strange to me, let’s just incomprehensible. Okay, listen to music.

I’m sitting in the tail of the aircraft. I have been there a great place! I do not know why guys have not taken it before: I think it is most convenient. I read fiction. Very fond of her in different forms. And, do not read in the AJ-pada – it is inconvenient. Traditional paper book. Now finish the story Iara Elterrusa and Vlad Vegashina “Another Way” (I hope moderators do not find it for advertising))). Further, I think, take on a more serious literature – on the line already is “The Alchemist” Paulo Coelho (also no ads)))

I bought these books in a store in Brooklyn, where we went to the club at a special preseason event. There, incidentally, saw a lot of rare literature. When finished reading, will buy again. Good, now I know where.

I am glad that we brought on “Bulls victory. Of course, again I can not say that happy with my game. Installation was the usual – go on matching, not to receive or dispose of the “big” rival. In “Chicago” is Noah. I was concentrating on defense and with it, I think, right, fulfilled his mission.

But in the attack … was often open, but the ball did not get … After the game, talked to people who know the specifics of the “kitchen” from the inside. Say, the first three months will be like. This is the mentality of the league. Experience is not necessary. We have to work and everything changed.

Saw in your comments – discuss, maybe I should boldly take the initiative. Maybe so, I promise to think over this. But, first, caught myself thinking that maybe I can not even get rid of European habits – I value the ball and do not want to hurry to attack. And, secondly, the main thing here is not to overdo it. Brains – it’s not Amare. If he will forgive all, my misses exactly will be put on the bench. And to play it would be desirable)) So – look for the necessary balance.

Before the match in Chicago on the scoreboard was, incidentally, shows a cool screensaver. In the streets of towns and cities is first one bull, then they become more, then even more, a whole herd. Among them is the principal. They run out on the high road. And there – a small bus on it, “Nix” is written. So this bull, and after him the whole herd ran and kaaakkkkk … In general, transport in half bull pleased us – scary. Scary much! No, really – cool invented and implemented. Well done! Here are just on the dance floor got the exact opposite. Well, yes, but that’s not our problem, but just the fact the chief bull.

PS Reported that our next game with Washington will be still in the “Madison”. By the way, “Uizardz” one of the assistant coaches – Sam Cassel. He, along with the Clippers in Moscow in 2006 came. I Khimki then played against him … So, to remember something …

November 4th, 2010

… Although it was me: in Russia because now the dead of night, approaching the early morning. Does not get used to the time difference. Sometimes forgotten, and very inappropriately disturbing friends calls. Hopefully, you’re on I do not take offense: The Internet – a piece democratic. Good morning!

In the first home game we lost, “Portland”. To be honest – were upset. To tears, of course, but to their viewers tuned only play to win. Coach not much swearing. Of course, he starts, but never lyutuet. I would even say, for his occupation he is – a quiet man))

Although what we fear to catch up. And so it all by yourself understand perfectly. Tease itself, dismantled the mistakes and go … Yes, relax and prepare for the next match. I have already spoken: here it is – in the order of things, not to bother. And yet – after all still a little warm the idea that even the best start to the season we failed. After the first game of a championship, we won. Also on the road.

But with Orlando yesterday we have not met. Four hours before the game we got a call saying that the match be canceled. The reason – in some sort of chemicals. Training in the morning will be scheduled. She’s a friend, training, Hall. Already then I read online that for the NBA – a unique case.

It turned out after the match between the NHL’s Rangers “and” Chicago “work has been done to clean vaults of the palace. And some pieces of debris fell directly on the site. Felt that on the floor could be particles of asbestos – harmful substances, which increases the likelihood of malignant tumors. Still later learned that at the scene experts arrived. They conducted a series of tests and no dangerous impurities not identified. And yet, I’ll have to wait for a meeting with Howard.

In the meantime, let me tell you this: as you asked – Inside a little backstage impressions from okolobasketbolnyh events in the “Madison” during the first home game.

Arena – a great big palace, as here believe in the center of the universe: nine-storey building, Mahin, literally soaked in sporting spirit. I’m still up to our game had to be there for a hockey match between Rangers. As it roars – impressive!

I think it’s a maze. For example, one day – even during the preseason – we went to a friendly game, I think, in Philadelphia. So the process of leaving – left to chance. From the floor, we descended down the stairs, then another one. And no I was not able to clearly explain where we are. Schley minutes, probably ten, and got out, went straight to the train station. And there have already waited own train. Of course, I do not know is he ownership of the club or not. But we rode in it alone. Maybe it was just the administration bought the tickets … The composition was fast. Barely half an hour were at the scene.

Locker rooms in the palace big. The first room – a room nurses. There is even a X-ray: you can immediately after the game to see how serious the injury. Then another room with a large comfortable sofa and armchairs. On the table is always fresh fruit in the refrigerator – water, energy.

Parking is located players from the arena to the other side of the street. However, I think it says loudly. We’re coming, put the car up to the entrance, probably 20-30 meters. But after the match down to the ground floor. Cars waiting for us there. ” Who surpasses them in there, I do not know, but it is certainly very convenient.

Now, by the way, realized long-term project for the reconstruction of the palace. Say, changing rooms and parking will be more. Before each game show video, as an arena rebuilt, what it should be, what has been done.

As I’ve said, we come to the game for three hours. These are the rules. Dress up, go out throw about 40 minutes, then go into the locker room, teip and taken to the disposal of coach OPT. Actually, when I appear on the floor in the hall of audience yet. And as he fills up, I do not see. In the States with me now, my agent came to Europe Maxim Sharifyanov. They are with my girlfriend Alia were in the stands at the game against Portland, so I write about the show with their words.

They sat in the hall on the ground outside the ring for the media sector. Press here to play very much. But more about that another time. Basketball players in each match stands out for three tickets. Heard somewhere that the standard quota in the league – two, but we seem to give a bonus)) So, depending on the status and star athlete, these places are close to the site. Of course, the season they secured for us. Although I am new to the club, but the guys did not complain. They say there can be seen well.

They say on the match became acquainted with a unique married couple old age. Imagine, just for these places wife bought tickets already since draft pick Patrick Ewing. That means since 1985! With crazy! Of course, they all know about. They say that before our chairs belonged to Tony Douglas and his wife.

More Max said that basketball in the hall to look very hard: people always go – go, dance, vendors everywhere popcorn, hotdogs melteshat continuously. In general, all done to ensure that visitors feel comfortable (in terms of pleasure), and he left the game as much money. A lot of bars and shops in the lobby after every two spans. But, imagine the queues nowhere.

Filled the arena, too early. For example, one hour before the show on the perimeter was already packed. 40 minutes – half the seats were occupied, and 20 – the apple did not find where to fall. Fan clubs here, as I understand, no. There is a common culture is sick – everything, depending on the strength of emotion and passion, shouting, clapping, eating and getting sick.

The first presentation of the team, saying it was gorgeous. That’s what I saw. Around constantly fussing organizers, puts us in places, in order – one for whom. Show where to go. Once known as a surname, we ran out from behind the screen, in the glow of floodlights down the stairs right at the podium in the hall. All the banged around, puts his hands together. And while running, right and left handed “five”. A speaker at this point continued to say something. Incidentally, the same speaker, whom many sports fans know about the boxing matches in the «MSG». Also a living legend. Well, or if not a legend, then – a man from the TV, exactly:) I was introduced as a – “Timothy Brain – From Russia with love».

But they had seen Allah with Max. During the presentation of the main scoreboard was the clip and the side displayed pictures and statistics. Next to the stairs were burning fireworks and colored spotlights. And, as is often done in Russia, the light is completely extinguished.

Commercials – it is generally a separate issue. They are about five or six standard turns on the plasma in the street around the perimeter of the palace. The hall is in one of these players the Knicks in their native language to each other to explain the rules of conduct in the arena. Near a title appears with the translation. And ends this whole speech universal transition to English. Or another. There are basketball players called to make noise in time-outs – so loud scream into the camera: “Noah! Noyce!!! But the most colorful was, of course, Amare. Its very big in the frame stern face uttered threatening “Caumont”! Of course, it must be seen. If possible, Max promised to remove the video.

Among other razvlekalok – lucky sector. All guests handing out white towels. Appears on the screen girl-dancer, which beat of the music suggests to perform certain movements. For each of the sectors is aimed a camera, and specially trained people define who turns synchronized. Tom and prize – a whole sector! Each new game – new sponsorship campaign.

In a special price here t-shirts. For them in the stands, it seems namyat sides can. When a huge cannon shot 20 shirts at a distance of 50-70 meters up, to start something unimaginably chaotic … At the same site as if nothing had happened next to the gun these things act was accompanied by dancing a local support group – Knicks City Dancers SDC. Then the children went to the floor – a children’s support group Knicks City Kids. And yet acted very cool bandana breaker in eastern appearance. In general, still the whirlwind. Continuous dynamics.

The big break managed to hold a mini-masts niksovskaya team of athletes in wheelchairs. Then there was a very fun basketball competition on speed – Tic-Tac-Toe. Need to run to the ring, throw a ball in the basket, if got – come back to center field and a special rug out with it its shape: a cross, or crosses.

The big break teams go into the locker room, as well as in Europe, the minutes of a seven-ten. And behave there, in principle, as well. Hot on the heels analyze the game, someone can have a snack, energy drink. I’ve sometimes banana or pineapple intercepted.

At first I was not very accustomed to playing at such a large audience, more than 20 thousand people. But by the beginning of the championship was used. After all, in fact, the preseason is not much different from attendance at official matches. Now, when you need to concentrate – do not notice the noise after a dunk when the room roars – the buzz.

Before the game had a couple of minutes to chat with Spike Lee. Says, was at the world championships in Turkey, wanted to see me, to get acquainted. But it did not. Wished me luck. Also on the podium in the front row sat Michael J. Fox. Remember how he lit the guitar in the movie “Back to the Future? Cool dude!