This is a rare time I agree with ALAN HAHN. If Walsh put in half the effort he did with Lebron, Melo would be at practice tomorrow in a Knick uniform. When does a GM from an NBA team state ” I don’t know how to do that ” in reference to obtaining a first round pick to complete the Melo deal. As of this moment, the Net’s are trying to “muscle” Melo into the team. WALSH, MOVE YOUR SORRY ASS AND GET THIS DEAL DONE. If the Gallo preseason game in Italy is stalling this deal then WALSH  SHOULD BE FIRED ASAP. Melo is doing his part to become a Knick by telling everyone he won’t sign an extension. Walsh you freaken struck out with LEBRON…… get over it and get AMARE some help. Felton can’t be traded until December and Amare is the one untouchable to join Melo & Felton. Back the Knick Van up and trade every one with a pulse to bring MELO HERE! We just spent 100 MILLION on Amare who has a 4 year window. Potential is worthless at this point. We are not rebuilding so get this freaken deal done, YOU RETARD. BTW..SHAWNE WILLIAMS IS ONE OF WALSH’S biggests BUSTS AS A LOTTERY PICK IN 2006. FIRE THIS GUY, HE TRULY HAS LOST HIS MIND.