Walsh Denies Rumors While Shaping New Team, LGK

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Walsh is denying rumors that he is stepping down as President of the Knicks organization. To show that he is still in charge, despite the demise of Plan A (LeBron), he is presumably close to signing Ray Felton of he Bobcats for approximately 7 million per year (the lengh of the contract is unclear). Felton is an upgrade over Chris Duhon (now Du”Gone”), but he is not Chris Paul, or Deron Williams, or even Monte Ellis, whom the Knicks presumably wanted for Lee, but settled for Randolph, Turief, and Azubuike.

If the S.F. trio can stay healthy, then D. Lee will have helped the Knicks even in departure, after becoming the 30th pick (thank you Isiah) and providing 5 solid years with the team, improving aspects of his game each year.

Assuming Felton signs on, the Knicks have the following team as of Monday or Tuesday of next week:

PG: Ray Felton, Toney Douglas.
SG: Wilson Chandler, Azubuike, Rautins.
SF: Gallinari, Bill Walker, Landry Fields.
PF: Stoudemire, Randolph.
C: Turiaf, Curry, Jerome Jordan.

Also look for Walsh to seek something for Al Harrington in a sign and trade as well as move Wilson Chandler. W.”Thrill” is the last player on the team drafted by Isiah Thomas. Knicks are still interested in signing Mike Miller of the Wizards.
It will take a while for fans to recognize, much less identify with this team. Nevertheless, LGK.