Wanna See Some Knick-BBall? Check Out TiqIQ prices

Time for a commercial break or a community service depending on how you look at it and how much we get paid for it.   Still, I know you want to get to that game tonight in the least expensive fashion available.  Well I don’t have any freebies but I hear that TiqIQ has its intel department on the pulse of ticket prices for the New York-Boston war tonight.  They sent us the following message to share about tonight’s game.

“There has been a huge jump in price this week for tonight, and while part of it seems to be because of the quantity of expensive seats to cheap seats, but another part is definitely the hype surrounding this game and this week. Knicks fans are fired up in general–this week is a huge test for the Knicks and fans are excited to see it. Celtics fans, like Paul Pierce, don’t seem to view this as a rivalry or even an interesting game.”
So, go yell at Paul Pierce and for your team.  And if you can, join the LBE for tonight. For Ticket prices that fit your desires and needs click Knicks-Boston.