20 Strong Voices: What Is Being Said Around The Blogoverse About The Knicks’ McGrady Trade

The recent trade deadline was one of the most exciting things to happen to and for the Knicks all season.  That is much more a statement about the condition of the Knicks organization than the quality of the trade.  The trade generating tons of other statements all over the blogoverse.  While reading the standard fare of mainstream blogs, one would get the opinion that Knicks fans mindlessly accept the trade as a wonderful and brilliant move.  But as a reader, if you move around the blogosphere, you’ll find the opinions much more varied and nuanced, befitting what one should think of the high B-Ball IQ of many Knicks fans.  Below I have gathered 20 of the most representative comments for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy and tell me what you think.


Chad Ford, Trade Spin: Ranking The Teams (ESPN)

Positive spin: Give this to Donnie Walsh: The guy has stones. The Knicks went all-in on Thursday on their bid for LeBron James, trading away draft picks and prospects to get far enough under the cap to sign two superstars this summer. The Knicks cleared $9.4 million off the 2010-11 payroll by sending Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill to the Rockets.

That means the Knicks are looking at between $31 million and $32 million in cap space this summer. That should be enough to get a max contract and another contract very close to the max. If the Knicks land LeBron because of this, Walsh is the executive of the decade.


John Bena (aka CavsBlogger) in (FeartheSword):

Gotta love New York. They have completely mortgaged the future for LeBron.


JStarks3 commenting at Posting and Toasting in Can’t We All Get Along

Give Donnie Walsh his due. With his crafty maneuvering, he has at least assured that next year’s ‘bockers will not suck. Plus, they needn’t spend all their cash settling for the likes of Joe Johnson or Carlos Boozer. In the summer of 2011, there will be another batch of stars to chose from. If I were Mr. Walsh, I’d hold out for Chris Paul. Even if LeBron miraculously end up in NYC, this team has been lacking a world-class playmaker since….well, a looooong time.


DMtShooter, Top Ten Takeaways form The NBA Trade Deadline (Five Tool Tool)

10) The Knicks’ plan to land LeBron James in 2010 is to have him be the only player under contract, then let him find his own teammates off the street


Short White Boy posting Will The Future Be Bright Enough For Us To Need Sunglasses? in Buckets Beyond Broadway.

In less than two years, Donnie Walsh has done the unthinkable: he has taken a team that had the highest payroll to one that will have the most cap space in time for perhaps the NBA’s biggest summer free agent bonanza ever.  But at what cost? . . . So if we don’t get Plan A, does that mean PlanB is doomed to fail?  Not necessarily. . . . The point is that it’s not LeBron/Wade or mediocrity.


Liam Callahan inLebron To NY: Fans Beware, Bleacher Report

Do the Knicks fans remember a situation similar to this in ’96? The Knicks had cleared about $20 million in cap room to woo none other than the last great player to wear 23, Michael Jordan.

The Knicks managed to clear nearly $20 million in cap space while retaining the services of Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley and John Starks. The addition of Jordan would have vaulted New York back into championship contention.  However the Bulls retained Jordan’s services with a one year $30.14 million dollar offer, which gave the Bulls another ring and the Knicks on the outside looking in.

Knick fans do deserve a player that that can bring New York back up to the top but they may end up on the outside looking in again.




Tim Cowlishaw, Gene Wojceichowski and Woody Paige on Knicks Made Deadline Moves on Around The Horn (ESPN)





Tom Ziller in FanHouse’s 2010 NBA General Manager Swagger Index (Fanhouse)

#8 Donnie Walsh, Knicks. He’s convinced the unofficial capitol of Western Civilization that cap space is the same as the actual signing of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. That would be some grade-A populist mind control if I didn’t think that he himself also firmly believed this. Can you sell jerseys with the salary cap on them?


Nate Robinson on Twitter:

I wanna say thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of the ny knick fan that supported me through the year I was a knick I played for yall 10:04 PM Feb 18th

Ny knick fans made me play the way I did night ni and night out, I played the way I did bcuz yall believed n me and showed me love word aapp 10:05 PM Feb 18th

Just to let yall knw the NBA is a business and things happen I just want yall to keep watch n NBA basketball(I love all my New yorkers) 10:07 PM Feb 18th

Rise n shine its green time word aapp!!! 8:18 AM Feb 19th


Howard Beck posts  Who Wins In A McGrady Trade? Probably Utah in the New York Times:12

If the Knicks and the Houston Rockets consummate their proposed deal for Tracy McGrady, the winner will probably be the Utah Jazz. . . . Every Knicks loss means more Ping-Pong balls for Utah, and a better chance of winning the No. 1 pick. If this trade goes through, Jazz officials may have a tough time containing their glee.


Harshpshah (comment on The Sacramento Bee’s Kings/NBA Blog):

Petrie did a decent job getting Landry & Tmac for Martin, Thomas, Hilton, Sergio however he completely blewup when Tmac was sent to NYK and NYK sent picks+Hill to Houston.. was it done to faciliate houston..? moron is a SAC GM and not HOU GM.  SAC could have easily got a good big man for Martin and another big for thomas, sergio and hilton.. and instead now we end up with only one big and one expiring. Long Live Petrie.. Long Live his sucking abilities in trade.. Short lived days of kings in Sacramento.


Mike Kurylo in Grading The Knicks 2010 Deadline Deals of Knickerblogger.net:

On the long term it’s a lot to pay for moving the contracts of Hill and Jeffries, and I’d be much happier if things go wrong in the next 3 seasons we still have our draft pick to comfort us on those cold February days when the team is playing poorly. I’d like to give this a D or an F, but the remote chance this brings in 2 studs and the draft picks don’t matter gives it some hope. C-


Mark Spears of Yahoo Sports



ForKnicksFans (via Twitter)

I’m also glad the JJ got traded.. I hated how our players depended on him so much.. #Knicks need to learn how to play D together


John Hollinger, in Report Card Time: Grading The Trades (ESPN)

Knicks: It’s all or nothing this summer for the Knicks, who set themselves up for their dream scenario — being able to offer two maximum free-agent contracts — but did so at considerable cost. By finally ridding themselves of their obligation to Jeffries next year, New York now projects to have about $32 million in cap space, which theoretically positions them to sign Dwyane Wade and LeBron, or one of those two and Chris Bosh.

However, New York gave up a lot of assets in order to make this deal work. . . . If those A-list free agents stay with their original teams, the Knicks are pretty much hosed — they’d be left to re-sign Lee, overpay some other second-tier free agent and go 32-50 for the next half-decade. . . . Grade: C


Loathing, commenting on post, Grading the Knicks 2010 Deadline Deals at Knickerblogger.net:

I like these moves…not only was this about shedding salary, but also about improving team chemistry/morale for the rest of the season. They got team players who will undoubtedly buy into D’Antoni’s system. Whether this will translate into wins will remain to be seen (though it would be funny if the Knicks made a furious run and snuck into the playoffs at the last second, only to have to face LeBron), but I agree…at least the games will be more entertaining.


Myles A. Mills posting  My Take on The Knicks Blog:

Marc Spears made the joke that the Knicks are going to be overpaying for mediocre talent just to fill out their roster. I can almost guarantee that Walsh is not that dumb. Again, I never knew that Walsh had to spend all of the money this summer. Just because he has all of the money, doesn’t mean he has to spend it all, and it also doesn’t mean he has to overpay for the likes of Rudy Gay etc.


Realist_Knicks_Fan commenting on My Take on The Knicks Blog

A significant amount of eggs are in the basket for 2010 BECAUSE if not – Donnie could have just waited another year for J.J.’s contract to expire and just signed one key free agent this summer (he had the cap space for it) – and that way he would not have had to trade Jordan Hill or the picks – so by Donnie trading so much to free up cap space a year earlier – the eggs are in the basket for 2010 significantly. Much, much, much pressure on Donnie to deliver this summer.


DanL posted in Donnie Does It at The KnicksFanBlog

My own take? The Knicks are gambling, but the risk-reward calculus greatly favors a deal. The Knicks have increased the likelihood of landing one of the best, if not the best player to ever play the game of basketball. If they fail, they continue down the path of a middling 4-6 seed that would surely await them without the McGrady trade as they slowly improve and the superior teams slowly deteriorate over the next decade-plus. If they succeed, a new dynasty could be on the horizon.


Mihir Bagat, contributor to Bleacher Report in New York Knicks: Why Fans Should Be Very Upset

When he took over as the team President in ’08, Donnie Walsh promised that he would make sure his team was both competitive and entertaining. Since then, they have failed to be do so as they have accumulated a pathetic record of 51-82 (.383).

Moreover, they just traded away their most entertaining player, 3-time Slam Dunk Champion, Nate Robinson. . . .

So the possibility of signing a franchise savior may appear nice, but in reality the chances of so happening are slim to none. New York Knicks fans should be very upset with the dismal organization.

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