Will D’Antoni Use Mozgov Regularly In The Rotation?

Now that Timofey MozGov has shown the world, and more importantly New York Knicks fans, that he has some strengths in his game and that he can play against NBA ballers, the key question becomes  “how he will fare in his first season?”  As Shon, Tman, Prince and O&B point out in the previous thread, how well Timofey does has as much to do with Coach D’Antoni as it does Mozgov.  By all observations and accounts Mozgov is raw offensively and defensively although he has a mobile big body which can be very useful in the NBA.  Given his rawness, the general rule that it takes big men longer to get acclimated to the NBA game and that D’Antoni is on the hot seat with a mandate to end years of on-court futility, one may wonder whether MozGov will receive more love from the coach than big men in the Knicks’ recent pass have.     Will coach give MozGov more attention and minutes than he gave to Darko, Chris Wilcox, Chris Hunter, Mouhammed Sene?

Unfortunately, D’Antoni is not known as a “big man’s coach.”  His run and gun philosophy is tailored to someone who can set a nice pick, roll, catch and score, but it really requires a player who is a self-motivated defender, an active rebounder who can box out, a decent passer out of the post and the primary break and someone in good condition who can run the floor.  Assuming that Mozgov will have problems with all or most of these elements of the D’Antoni’s game in the beginning, there is no way that Mozgov can develop just by practising and sitting on the bench.   Most Knicks fans in the blogosphere are hopeful that D’Antoni will show Mozgov some playing time love, but will he and if he does, how much love will he give MozGov?  What do you think.