Wilson Chandler Growing Up and Blowing Up As Seen On Knicks Night Live 8/26 (video)

Looks like our boy Wilson Chandler is growing up and becoming more comfortable in front of the camera.  Always a bit reluctant in his interviews, he is becoming quicker and more forthcoming.  He is also apparently building his body and his game whetting our appetites to see how he has expanded his game.  If we get to see a bit more aggression offensively and defensively, he could have a very exciting year.  Hopefully, it is as a Knick; but he may be Melo bait.  I guess we’ll live with that, but please don’t sell him short, like for JR Smith. Hell to the NO, Peaceman. LOL

(Oh, I’m not a fashionista, nor am I known for being overly coiffed all the time, but dag bro Wil, who in the hell cut your head.  JR? File charges against that dude man.)

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