Wilson Chandler To Be A Restricted Free Agent This Summer

Wilson ChandlerWilson Chandler, quickly emerging as the Knicks’ second best player early this season, will be a restricted free agent this summer after the Knicks declined to give him a contract extension.  The Knicks did not offer him an extension, in large part, due to the uncertainty in labor negotiations which is expected to change the financial environment into one more favorable for owners who are seeking a cut in player compensation and a variation of a hard cap.  Wilson, who has been increasing his value with an average of 21 points and 10 rebounds per game, may be approached by any team but the Knicks have the ability to match any offer.  The strategy worked when the Knicks waited an entire summer to extend the contracts of David Lee and Nate Robinson which frightened off other GMs who were sure the Knicks would offer them a contract and who could not allow other free agents to pass messing around with the Knicks’ restricted free agents.

Do you think the Knicks should have extended Chandler now?