Winning Is Great, But Let’s Keep It Real During Knicks’ Fantasy Run

Editors Note: How can you help but love this winning streak? Well, as Knicks fans know, you can love it and enjoy it for what it is without getting carried away.  At least that’s the methodology of some of our most astute and senior Fanatics.  In their comments, both Post Up Prince and Tman go beyond the won-loss record to raise critical issues about the Knicks’ future.  Tman focuses on the great play of Landry Fields and whether he should be a casualty of the Knicks rebuilding process. Prince, true to post-up form, points out several issues facing our back-up bigs that can decide the rest of the season.  We feel like we’re in a fantasy, but we still have folks keeping it real. Do you agree with them?

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Landry FieldsOverconfidence and injury are the enemy. Is Turiaf’s injury chronic, a re-injury? Educated consumers want to know? Our 3rd quarter D pulled the last one out. We need to see more of it. Landry Fields is playing his behind off. This guy has ballplayer stamped on his forehead. He does a little bit of everything. Strangely I would compare him to a combo of two guys. He doesn’t match either perfectly but has some outstanding qualities of both. They are Bill Bradley and DeBusschere. Bradley was an Ivy leaguer who also understood the game and did the little glue things that make a team a success, good passer, didn’t care about stats, just wins. Fields doesn’t have his shot, but fits in a lot of the same intangibles that $Bill brought to the table. DeBussh was tough, tough rebounder, smart, good defender, passed well and also didn’t care about personal stats, only wins. Fields is not as physical as Dave, but rebounds, defends and shoots the long one just as Dave did.

This kid is a very heady player with a great future if he keeps that head screwed on right. I’m betting he will and as well as the team’s playing I rate him the difference between winning and losing behind Amare because of all the clutch little things he has done. He’s a pleasure to watch mistakes and all.Knick people have a tough choice ahead of us. Denver will come to the table, diss-cusions are ongoing even now, and Fields will be part of any deal made, believe that! Donnie will try to keep him at all costs, but you have to give to get.Bottom line, you don’t get better by getting dumber. If you keep D”ipshyte you have to go for more offense and Carmello is all that, no brainer.But that’s Phoenix all over again. I’d do that if I had a plan to get CP3. You need a guy who makes Nash type decisions and leadership. But if you want to go longterm I keep Fields and try to get better little by little. Which way do the Knicks go? Amare has a limited, maybe very limited window with injuries. If my plan is Carmello this summer and maybe C3po shortly after in the mess from New Orleans then Fields is expendable. Too bad for us because he is an excellent future piece. Think about it? lgk



If Shawne Williams continues to play more games like he did against the Hornets, D’Amphony may be required to keep him on the court even as Turiaf returns. In that case, SW plays while Gallo sits. Of course, coach won’t consider starting Williams over his gumba boy, but S.W. may be hard to keep on the bench for too long.

Walsh may pressure D’Amphony to play Eddy Curry soon enough, or at least before the trade deadline, if only for showcase purposes. D’Amphony will likely insert E-City against Dwight Howard in Orlando game, so as to further embarrass Eddy and further ruin his chance for more than a minimum contract with another team next season, and to further justify keeping Curry on the bench.

Mozgov needs time in the D league as does Rautins. If Williams continues to shine, and if Turiaf can return, what’s the point of keeping Mozzy on the bench or in uniform? The D League would do wonders for Mozzy’s game. If Azubuike can return to form, then Rautins could also benefit from D League play. If someone get’s injured, then either one or both could be brought back. Only 12 guys can suit up anyway. Why have guys sit in suits and ties when they could gain need experience and perhaps confidence in D League play. Why have a D League franchise, as the Knicks retain, if no one is ever Developed there?

At this point, A. Randolph could also be used for a 5 -6 minute stint as back-up center. The pressure to win now as well as D’Amphony’s stubbornness impairs the long-term development of players who have talent but need court exposure. Playing just 8 guys and/or a 9th for 2-3 minutes, at the pace coach wants, may win some now, but also risks burn-out and injury without having provided experience to players who may be needed to sub in crucial games.

Am I missing something?



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