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Over the last couple of years, one of my favorite bloggers to debate with has been DanL of Knicksfanblog, although he has largely rejected overtures to visit us to debate the important issues of today and yesterday. He is not quite Statesman, who masters the art of obfuscation by painting pictures in monotones without essential details.  But like my snarky friend and member of the ForceMDs, who pretends to hover intellectually above all others like Ali over Liston, DanL makes me feel at home when I am away from these friendly confines.  Dan too knows how to make a well reasoned argument and for the past couple of years he has been leading the Gullible Party by extolling the virtues of Donnie Walsh’s strategy to get LeBron and to develop the team.  He has supported and manufactured “good” reasons for almost every Walsh decision including the trade of our future to the Houston Rockets who could wind up with two lottery picks from the transaction for cap space: “Daryl Morey didn’t rob Walsh, he just emptied his pockets so he could have room for more money.” But now it is time to prepare for a reckoning — a reconciliation of reality and delusion.

Yesterday, Dan wrote a post in which he tried to compare Wilson Chandler to Al Harrington.  Usually, I enjoy his posts because, seriously, he is smart like Statesman is, but being smart often has nothing to do with being right.  His comparison of Chandler as Harrington was not one of his best, but probably part of his constant effort to prove why Walsh has done a better job than Isiah. (Yeah, he seems stuck there a bit.)  Anyway, I responded to Dan, actually ignoring his off-base post for the most part, to remind him that it is almost time for him and all those Gullibles he represents to admit that Walsh’s strategy to get LeBron was Leflawed and has led to this mishmash of a mess of a team that now graces the floor.  As usual, I enjoyed the volleying between us and thought I would share it here to get your view.  Be warned, my view on Gallo’s mental fortitude might give you flashbacks to the Renaldo Balkman era.

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  1. Lives says:

    DanL, it’s about time to pay the piper and re-examine most of your analysis over the past two years. As you know, I have been telling you that Walsh’s efforts towards LeBron was going to be a failure when he started that idiocy of creating cap space but failing to build a team. (It’s been confirmed that LeBron wanted to play on a team, not with expired or tired contracts).

    I also told you that Walsh did a bad job in constructing the present team. He should have addressed the point guard issue first, a couple of years ago when he obviously paid too much for a person who could not and never did run Mike D’Antoni’s offense. The team he has constructed is a mess.

    His most glaring mistake was taking Danilo Gallinari because he was “related” to coach. Gallinari is practically useless. He cna shoot until he gets shut down, until the defense pays attention to him. His assists, rebounding and defense are suspect at best.

    However, I don’t blame Gallo and I don’t blame Chandler. It all points to D’Antoni. He is not developing players that have clear skills for traditional have court sets and fast breaks. D’Antoni has had these guys relying on tres since he got here. He even had Jeffries shooting tres.

    Alex is completely correct. Wilson is a very good player and is better than Harrington who is a good offensive player. But D’Antoni’s style does not work for Stoudemire, Gallinari, Harrington or anyone else who needs to have space created by not just ball movement but player movement including any series of picks to free up players.

    Wilson is the second best player on the team, but he is not put into a position to be his best.

    It’s getting real close to the time for you just to admit that the past two years sucked in order to make this one suck. Losing to the Twolves is symbolic of a failure of the grandest proportions.

    Now let’s blame all this on Isiah. LOL. Walsh and D’Antoni have got to go.

    1. Dan L says:

      To early for I told you so’s Lives but I won’t have any issue tipping my hat to you if the season winds up being a failure.

  2. Lives says:

    Dan, you know I am very patient. That was just a reminder that the time is near for a reckoning. Thank goodness, because it is about time to move on to the next era of Knickdom.

    Remember when Gallo was supposed to be better than Jamal Crawford on both ends of the floor? Sheesh!!!

    1. Dan L says:

      He is better than Jamal Crawford on both sides of the court though. I’m not going to engage in an argument about why I think that but if you look at my comments to this post about Wilson Chandler and my previous post about Wilson Chandler, and replace the words “Wilson Chandler” with “Jamal Crawford”, you could probably figure it out.

      1. JLS125 says:

        Crawford is a much better basketball player and a better athlete than Gallinari. He has better handles than Gallo and can get to the bucket better than Gallo. Gallo may have the better shooting percentage but Gallo disappears 5 outta 6 games whereas Crawford scores consistently. Neither Crawford nor Gallo are regarded as solid defensive players in the NBA so that’s a pointless argument.

        I just haven’t seen anything from Gallinari to justify the hype. I honestly believe that if you were to take a poll of NBA players as to who they thought the better player was, majority would say Crawford.

      Lives says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Thanks for pointing that out JLS125. That is absolutely wishful thinking on DanL’s part. Two years ago Gallo was a better “prospect” then Jamal, that’s about it. When Jamal was traded folks were wishing and believing that Gallo would be a better option than Crawford. However, if you looked at his body of work in Europe at the time, there was nothing to suggest that he was anything but Jamal Crawford, except that he might have a better percentage at the 3. Nothing.

      In fact, it looked as though his game might be exactly the same as Craws except his length gave him the potential to be a better defender.

      “Better” never happened and it never came. First and foremost, Gallo’s skill development has suffered under D’Antoni. You can’t let the kid stand idol at the three point line waiting to take a shot for most of three years and expect him to play a balanced offensive game at the end of three years. By now, with his prospective skill set, Gallo should be working on a post-up game, a fade away, a step back, and stop and pop curls around defenders. He can’t consistently hit a rim on the move. But that is practice, practice, and situational practice.

      Gallo’s defense sucks. The Knicks’ defense sucks. There is no argument to make here. Gallo is long but can’t stay in front of his man and uses his hands to waive at his opponents as though he is greeting them as they pass him to the basket. He also is afraid to play jumpshooters close so they all just shoot over him to great efficiency. Every game some no name forward or two guard starts the game looking like Bernard King over our defenders.

      Gallo’s defense is not his fault totally either. Gallo is the one at the end of last year who asked to guard the opponent’s best players. He asked to allow D’Antoni to make him a better one-on-one defender. What happened with that enthusiasm and desire? If he was coached real defense not “pretend” defense, he would probably be more effective. But D’Antoni believes defense is a native instinct, not a learned proposition.

      But Gallo’s greatest problem (and you are going to hate this) is that he is not mentally suited to rise to the level of his talent. I don’t like to talk about a ball player’s IQ as most of you did with Balkman, so I won’t say he has a low IQ. I will just say he does not show as good an understanding of the game as someone who has been playing it for as long as he does should.

      First off, Gallo loses focus so fast. He does not seem to know how to stay in every possession and looks lost. When he is locked in, it is for less than five minute spurts, or so it seems. Second, he seems to have no understanding of how to maximize his skills in certain situations. If he did he would drive a lot more to get to the foul line and focus on putting the other team in the bonus as fast as possible. (He CAN do that) However he’s not thinking. Third, he admits that he does not believe that he can be s superstar which is the dembest shit I have ever heard come from a top first round pick not named “Charles Barkley.” Gallo has a total misunderstanding of why he is here — it’s not to take orders or to please his uncle. It’s to be the best baller possible, which means you use your intellect to understand the game in ways your Uncle no longer can.

      For him to share that kind of doubt about his ability to be as good as a Dirk Nowitzki, even if you want to suggest it’s his good guy humility is absolutely disappointing. Gallo’s main quality was supposed to be that he is relentless about being a winner, being the best. And now he can’t even envision himself as being as good as Dirk.

      Time for Gallo to go somewhere and learn to play some real ball. I believe Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant can turn him into a real good sixth man. Not as smart or as good as Jamal, but good enough to have a nice long career if he wants to have one as a role player.