A Knicks Fan Open Letter to Caremlo Anthony

Dear Carmelo Anthony:

You should know first and foremost that all of Knicks fandom would welcome you with open arms to the Mecca of Basketball at Madison Square Garden.

A few days back a fellow die hard Knicks Fan, asked What Should You, Carmelo Anthony, Do (WSYD). Sorta of how Lebron James asked in his now famous post “decision” commercial.

I suppose that Knicks fan was indirectly likening your situation to that of Lebron. I suppose as the latest Super Star athlete available to test free agency you are in the same situation Lebron was in this past summer. I suppose that since free agency gives you the right sign with a team capable of contending for championships with your addition, you (like Lebron) possess the ability to shift he balance of talent and power in the league.

Yeah Lebron James. That Lebron James. A highly coveted star who gave up quite a huge chunk of change to join his buddies in Miami. James cut into the total amount of the 2010 max money he could have acquired. James did so to help pay for Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem. According to others James also lost money when his Q rating dropped when many fans stopped rooting for him (and by extension buying his products).

Lebron will still make coin for Nike and his other endorsers, he’s too talented and too good a baller not to. Imagine when (not if) he wins the whole thing with his talented super friends. I hear Europeans and the Chinese love winners and show it by buying the Jerseys of winning star players (Kobe Bryant anyone).

What should you do? Stand your ground if going to the Knicks is what you want then test out free agency or make it dawn on the Nuggets that you will not settle for less in New Jersey. The way reporters talk about the possible New CBA and the way it’s bandied about by Supporters of the Nuggets (and I’m sure Nuggetts OWNERSHIP as well) is like a lash of fear on the last of a stable of thoroughbred chattle (players). The others got away and all one owner could do was make a tirade. That tirade was identified by some as another in the long history of actions between the forty (hunderd) million dollar slaves and the sports team multmillion dollar ownership groups. Everyone knows that all the Nuggets and Nets ownership can do is bandy the threat of the New CBA above you like a lash of fear. Like Lebrons’ experience, the specter of the now 100 million dollar slave is brought to be played out anew. This time out with the threat of you losing to the eerie new CBA as Denver’s attempt to keep you in line.

Do you think the near exclusive exchanges between the Nuggets and Nets (and the boxing out of the Knicks by Nuggets) ownership is as innocent is it seems? Don’t you think the squeeze play that Denver is playing on you is something Cavs’ owner Dan Gilbert probably would have done to Lebron had he had a Mulligan? As a stud baller aren’t you tired of all the “Star Player as a Damsel to be wooed analogies?” Do you think this time out Prokhorov err . . . NJ’s push is just another innocent episode of an eager but otherwise unattractive suitor seeking your Super Stars services. If so then why does Denver want the sordid affair to go underground.

Make no mistake the Knicks are interested, their offers have been rejected, Stoudemire would love you as a teamate and co-captain despite what some gossip columnist disguised as reporters would tell you. Walsh is looking to acquire pieces and working on deals despite the Nuggets stonewalling. And there’s no way that the Knicks don’t have attractive assets comparable or greater than that said to be offered by the Nets.

Don’t you think this time out the exclusive way in which obstinate Nuggets ownership is funneling you towards the Nets looks more and more like an arranged marriage of your services? Don’t you think that Nuggets/Nets hard line is clearly indicates a desire to deny you the freedom to choose? A freedom earned by contract. A freedom Bosh, James, and others have siezed for an opportunity to redefine their legacies. That’s your freedom too. In New York City people come despite the challenges to realize their dreams in the midst of uncertainties. Many lovers make it happen many dreams are made come true. In the city with the Statute of Liberty those who dare fulfill them despite the obstacles put out in front of them Don’t let Denver and Nets force you into an archaic arranged marriage.

You have power still. Ownership and Denver Journalist will try to tell you otherwise. You still have the power to stick to your guns. No one can take that from you till you surrender it. Lebron stuck to his guns and now he is with a collection of talent that may win a series of rings. Meanwhile, your union with Stoudemire and the rising core of the Knicks may never be b/c you will give into the lash of fear Nets and Denver ownership and the other pariah will bandy over you. That union with STAT and Felton and possibly Chandler with Fields would have rivaled Miami and you might be in position to challenge for the Chip that defines a player. Championship that define the legacy of players of your caliber. You’ll get the Max with the Knicks that MSG will be able to pay under the new rules of the game. And I’m quite sure that you’ll cash in just like Stoudemire is doing so as part of the Knicks road to resurrection.

Insist on and Realize your dreams Carmelo. Fulfill that union that should have been between a star forward and big man (Bernard King and Ewing) that could have brought the Knicks a chip.  You’re a New Yorker and made of better stuff than the walls placed around the opportunity of your life time. Don’t you think that YOU the baller who is the heir apparent to the Garden’s former King belongs on the court that is the crown jewel of the city’s game? An opportunity to define your legacy in the greatest City (not borough) in the World and for the most passionate and knowledgeable basketball fans anywhere on earth!


Orange & Blue and Peaceman 
Die Hard Knicks Fans for Life