A Melo With Taste: Hot Links For The Basketball Soul (Vol. 3.2)


Carmelo Sandwich

HEATED: Carnegie Deli, in The City, has already honored Carmelo Anthony with his own ridiculously large sandwich: The Melo.  This decadent monstrosity was featured as one of the seven craziest sandwiches in the country by Bites on Today.  The sandwich, on pieces of rye bread, is stacked with  pastrami, corned beef, salami, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing. The external damage is $22; one can only imagine what it will do to one’s insides.  Let us know how it tastes, the next time you jet to the Carnegie Deli.

FANATICAL HEAT:  Peaceman just sent me this flash, “O&B and Statesman Make Up (Get All Kissy-Kissy) To Honor Melo.”  He wrote, “O&B is playing the keyboard and States takes the lead!.”  If it makes you laugh a little, it was worth the space.

WARMING UP: William Rhoden wrote a nice breakdown of the narratives from Knicks fans and the MSM as the Melo trade developed.  He points out how as the trade seemed ridiculously lopsided many accepted the version of events that involved Thomas as a marionette.Isiah and FIU  However, after the trade and as it looked more favorable to most, IT was considered less likely to be involved although many folks saw Thomas’ fingerprints on the trade that surrendered much of the Knicks youth.  Rhoden opines that IT still pines to work with the Knicks to redeem himself, but even his friend, James Dolan, may be backing off that notion as indicated by his loud declaration that Thomas had not involvement in the Melo matter.  (Interesting note:  Studdy said that Isiah was not involved in his arrival, but Rhoden says Isiah was so involved that D’Antoni personally thanked him for his efforts.).

HOT HOUSE: A little housekeeping.  We just added to the blog roll.  It is a fun and informative mixed media site at  They’ve been good enough to feature the Fanatics a couple of times and you never know when our work will pop up there. We encourage you to check them out from time to time at least. . . . Over the past couple of months we’ve missed the opportunity to share some great links by our blogger friends.  We suggest that you check out Hoop Manifesto’s weekly offering of answers to “NBA Big Questions” by Bloguin bballer-bloggers.  This week (#16) the discussion centers around Melo, the recent trade and the trend of superstars to flock together.  Provocative Stuff. . . . Our condolences to the family of old school movie star vixen and member of the Knicks Fanatics Spirit Team, Jane Russell who died at the age of  89.  Jane Russell was one of several old school beauties selected by Fanatics to be on the Spirit Dance Team to help keep up our blog spirits during the dog days up to the end of the LeBron-a-thon which for us turned into the Melo- Studamuffin Era. The New Yorker Magazine has an interesting little remembrance of Ms. Russell, who felt her career was tantamount to a form of in-servitude since she was under a thirty year contract with Howard Hughes and forced to do many parts she thought were simply stupid. Nevertheless, she was gorgeous old school and gave Marilyn Monroe a run for her money in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” which is still a classic. 

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