Andrew Bynum’s Bum Knee – Denver at the bluff in the game of chicken

Do you think the Nuggets are trying to Daryl Morey the Knicks?

Do you think the recent talk of a Lakers and Nuggets trade for Carmelo Anthony for a package involving Andrew Bynum is just a prod to get more out of the Knicks

If the Nuggets trade for Bynum and a combo of players, it will essentially make any transaction with the Lakers a cap clearing excercise (an example). It appears the two teams, the Nuggets and Lakers, can match salaries in a trade. But the Lakers draft pick if any is given would be near the end of the draft. Also what would the Lakers give up to obtain an early round draft pick to swing a deal for Anthony? Most of the rest of their roster is aging or role players on large scale contracts that would well be avoided by other teams considering the possible dynamics of a new CBA.

The transaction would not result in the acquisition of young talent on manueverable rookie scale contracts. Could a talented yet medical question with Bynum’s contract be flipped instantly for additional pieces down the line. Bynum has another two years on his contract, one of them being a team option for the Lakers or Nuggets. He has a history of knee injuries and those should be of major concern to the Nuggets. So, I’ll ask again are the Nuggets bluffing?

Just look at the build up in the past purported Nuggets transactions. Nuggets General Manager Masai Ujiri is looking for a combination of young talent on manueverable rookie scale contracts or tradeable salaries plus a draft pick or two. 

One should certainly question the motive of the source leaking the most recent information about a possible Lakers/Nuggets transaction for Anthony. 

Clearly the Knicks could and should up the ante, but in doing so must draw a line. In my opinion Fileds should be kept off Melo discussions. But Gallinari and Chandler with Randolph and Curry for Melo is one offer that is pretty solid (regardless of how that package along with possibly others are  manuevered to obtain Anthony). If You add in Kelenna Azubuike’s expiring and insured contract  I think that deal can work. Heck even if Randolph becomes another draft pick and you send 2 draft picks to the nuggets, one the knicks the others the TWolves, pluse Gallinari and Chandler and possibly even Walker you have as good a trade package as can be marshalled.

From there I don’t think the Knicks should go for all three of Fields, Gallinari and Chandler.

In the meantime, reports will continue to come out with “source familiar with the Nuggets thinking,” talking all sorts of other bluster about Melo to all other possible destinations