With Barron Davis, Iman Shumpert, Mike Bibby and Jarried Jeffries all out for the next few games the Knicks need some Spark
on the bench. Nate Robinson was waved Dec 24TH by the Thunder..which means he’ll be cleared off waviers this week, is healthy and
ready to go. The Knicks can sign him to a 10 day contract if they desire. Our Christmas win over the Celtics was costly as Iman Shumpert
is expected to miss 2-4 weeks.  What harm can signing a healty Nate Robinson to a 10 day contract be at worse? 

This insert is from the SLAM ONLINE in which Nate States he wants to change his image around the league.

” After his buyout from Oklahoma City was finalized on Saturday and he’s on his way to yet another new stop, Robinson is determined to dispel the prevailing notion that he’s too sophomoric to sign. What was once a refreshing comedy act in those early years in New York has become his latest stigma, with some teams forgetting how explosive of a scorer and shooter he can be while focusing on the antics that have the potential to both doom and define him. As Robinson sees it, the reputation that has caused some wariness about him around the league him is off base. ‘I’m a fun and loving type of guy and always a positive person who’ll be trying to make people smile and laugh, and people take that as being a little kid and being silly,’ said Robinson. ‘This whole situation has definitely humbled me as a person and as a player. I just feel like, at times, I really don’t get that fair shot, like some other guys in the league, but I guess that’s my path. … I’ll continue to work hard.’”

We will seemly dress only 10 guys for the next three West coast Games.  The fact remains we have no guard backup at either PG or SG. Would giving Nate a 10 day contract  be a smart move by the Knicks?