Bargain Basement Buyouts for Knicks Holiday Shopaholics?

In addition to a report, that Kenyon Martin has reached a buyout agreement with the Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association, another report indicates that the Pheonix Suns will release, Mickael Pietrus, after reaching a buyout agreement with the shooting guard. The buyouts of KMart and Pietrus  provides the Knicks another chance at going bargain basement hunting.

Both players can surely provide much needed depth for a regular season most observers expect to be marathon season run at a sprinters pace with so many games packed into only four months.

KMart can surely add much needed toughness and depth to a talented, yet, relatively thin Knicks front court. However, because reports indicate that Martin will be ineligible to sign up and play with an NBA team untill his Chinese team’s season is over, hopes to add KMart to the roster will likely go on lay away. But wouldn’t Mr. Fugazy with a little of that ole nasty be a welcome sight to beef up the front court.

Pietrus on the other hand may not be as needed as KMart. But given that Pietrus is a big 6’6″ shooting guard with decent three point shot and a good defender, his services should be welcome when the Knicks look to contain guards like Dwayne Wade. 

So what would you do to that ever present “room exception?” Give it some space and go for KMart on lay away? Or, go Holiday shopping early and add a big defensive guard to addres the likes of Richard Hamilton, Ray Allen and Dwayen Wade?