Boston has no Yewt! Like Cousin Vinny says, no Yewt!

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Boston’s leading scorer

Da rule is dat you can’t hab more dan one wheel chair on da court during da NBA playoffs. So my Peeps… Boston be in trouble!
I was round the way yesterday at the Celtic practice and heard Doc Rivers say ” Larry Bird may walk through that door.”  “Kevin Mchale may walk through
that door.”  Even ” Shaq” may walk through that door and all are welcome! Listen up good me Peeps! Da Knicks in 5.  Maybe 4 if KG don’t cripples Amare by running over his foot wif da wheel chair! Amare hasn’t practiced in da Wheel chair. Walsh may help Amare if dis happens cause Walsh has smooth moves wif his Wheel chair.
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The 2011 Celtics talk strategy before they face the Knicks on Sunday.