Bucked Up Knicks Fall Again 102-96 As Jennings Puts On A Clinic In The Garden


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Undoubtedly, Brandon Jennings put on a show that embarrassed Chauncey Billups, Mike D’Antoni and anyone else who tried to put a hand in his face or didn’t try to get around pick after pick after pick.  Brandon was sinking it in from everywhere: floaters, tres, middies, driving lay ins, breakaways.  And the Buck scoring inside the paint from back cuts, pick and roll, and just plain sock skating past defenders was humiliation at its worse.  Summary: No damn “D’. Or put another way, the Knicks looked like they did at the beginning of the season when they failed to hustle as much as the opponents.  That’s the major difference here.  The Knicks are not hustling.

Some more notes and box scores after the jump from the penthouse.


The Knicks shot an atrocious 40% with both the superstars taking more than 20 shots.  Chauncey only hit 3 for 11 to go along with his anemic 4 assists and useless defense.

Of course, the Knicks picked it up offensively at some point, but largely due to bench play.  Anthony Carter and Shawne Williams (check out there double digit +/-) provided much needed sparks. However, Anthony Carter not Toney Douglas were able to slow down the Bucks who shot over 50% from the field and 50% from the arc, where shooters roamed freely like buffalo in the plains of a young America.  

My next piece?  Why D’Antoni has got to go.