Isiah Thomas and Chris Paul: 6-foot point guards who dish, swish and win. (Getty Images)

Mirror, mirror on the Paul: He’s closest to Isiah of them all.

Isiah Thomas loves Chris Paul and it seems the feeling is mutual. Right now, at this moment in time, Paul is better than a Jason Kidd or Steve Nash. He is. Stop throwing things at your computer. It’s true. Thomas accomplished 20 and 10 four seasons in a row. Oscar Robertson did it five times (averaging more than 30 points each time), Magic three times, Hardaway twice and Tiny Archibald once. Of all the greats to play in the NBA, that’s all, that’s it.

When asked about the Thomas comparisons, Paul said: “It’s an honor. The thing about Isiah is he did it year in and year out. I have a long way to go. But to be mentioned in the same sentence as Isiah is an honor.” 

While it is a known fact that Paul started the Melo, Amare and “him” as becoming the Knick’s “Big Three” during a toast at Melo’s wedding in NYC last Summer,
some people are still skeptical about him holding on to that promise.

Is Walsh’s departure due to the fact that Dolan knows the best Man to deliver Paul is Isiah Thomas?  How many Thomas Haters would swallow their hate if Paul 
becomes a knick due to Thomas? Is the Billups signing for 14.2 million more for the acquisition of Paul instead of having a 35 year old former finals MVP run our point?

Paul is in the Same position as Melo was last year. Forget about the new CBA and other potential road blocks fans bring up to make Paul seem a pipe dream.
Dolan has deep pockets and would not be phased by any luxury tax it took to make Paul a Knick. Dolan is not a bad person as some fans make him out to be.
Thank God he pushed Walsh’s wheel chair in the corner and got involved with the Melo deal or Melo would be a Net at this momment. 

Among the things most Indie Blogs blame Thomas for are:

1. He Started the Holocaust

2. He brought down the World Trade Center

3. He caused the Flood of NO by breaking the Levy’s.

4. He started the Aids Pandemic across the World.

5. He started the Iraq war. 

6. He caused the recent Tsunami in Japan.

7. He was responsible for the Wall street Collapse in 2008 .

If I left out anything please feel free to add it in a post!

Question. What other team in the NBA would have given 35 year old Chauncey Billups 14.2 Million for one year?
Answer: None. Only the Knicks. Logic ? The Reason may be his salary would go a long way to Match Paul’s. Most of us love Chauncey,
however, you can’t feel sorry for him when he gets traded… he truly got paid. 

If Thomas can bring Paul to the knicks, give Patrick Ewing a shot at Head coach along with Oakley as his assistant, a lot of haters would
have to transfer their hate to someone else. Trust me they will find a transfer…. even if it’s “the Mirror.” 

If indeed the Knicks do some strange things on Draft Night…. remember it’s most likely part of a deal to secure Chris Paul.
You read it here First. 

Some1 Let me know what Mcdonalds this is so I can set up this lawsuit.. I can use a few Million right now. SMFH..  
 Brooklyn welcomes the New York Nets!