REPOST,REPOST,Carmelo Anthony/Chauncey Billups & Amare the newest Knicks big three?



Instead of “sources” I’ll use I heard it through the “GrapeVine.” The latest rumor is that Walsh is working on a deal that would bring Chancy Billiups and Melo to New York for all the Youth we have including future #1 draft picks! The “Grapevine” also stated that Eddy Curry’s expiring contract would secure Billups $13.2 million contract. (Billups has one more year not guaranteed.)  Billups would sell his soul to play with Amare & Melo in NYC for the window of chip left in him and would deliver a blow to the HEAT’S Auto-chip. However, the St John’s Assistant Coach who relayed this possibility also stated that this would be a December move when Felton can be dealt! How much rumor is this? I truly don’t know. However, it makes sense that Billups would not want to play with a Melo-less Nugget team. From what the Grapevine says is that the Cav’s detest LBJ’s move so much,they may be willing to help out New York if it meant LBJ’s demise! Ten years ago Sprewell, Houston, LJ and MC took the Knicks to the finals vs the Spurs, so the Karma factor is on our side. Amare & Melo have many years left if they stay healthy. Billiups has two years at best to win another chip. It may be noted that even with a one year at an all cost chip run with Billups would still leave the Knicks with Studdy & Melo. I say “GO FOR IT WALSH.” If you pull this off and can surround these three Mega Stars with viable role players…….a Big YES! LGK!