D’Antoni Says Knicks Can Win Championship Now

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni did not promise a NBA Championship, but as he assessed the competitive landscape, he made it clear that his team, with some improvement, could win the championship this year.  D’antoni said

“I think we have one of the best frontcourts in the game. We’re excited about trying to win a championship. We’re one of the top-tier teams. There’s no reason not to compete night in and night out and be in every game and be very good at the end. Maybe because Miami was there last year, you’d take them [first]. We have as reasonable a chance to win as anyone else. And if you’re talking about another team, I can make a case that we should win it. . . .I think it’s reasonable. I think to win a championship a lot of things have to come together. We have to improve. There’s a lot of little variables that have to go positive. We do have the ability to win it all.’’ via New York Post