February Hotlinks Knicks Fanatics Style (Vol 2.1)


We’re going to try to pop it like it’s hot when we find at least two hotlinks we think Knicks Fanatics just gotta check out. Today we start with a Charles Barkley video I saw on my Facebook account this morning. Pretty Burning, I think.  But then again Charles is usually overcooked.


Charles Barkley: “I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)” from Hype Communications on Vimeo.

SIZZLING: Nothing is hotter in the New York area than Carmelo Anthony right now after his 27 point, save the game performance against the Bucks last night — not even Deron Williams as a Net.  So for those of you who need to be intuned to all things Melo, here is his web address: http://www.thisismelo.com/.  If you don’t want to skip the flash intro, use this one:  http://www.thisismelo.com/flash.  You may also want to follow Melo on twitter @carmeloanthony.

HOT STUFF:  Fanatics kicked off the Stud-Melo era with a rousing LBE last night.  We had a full house led by Peaceman who just keeps soaking in the props (from everybody except States. LOL) for revealing this trade in September.   Last night the party was hilarious. BARF was there with Modi, O&B, Prince, Anti-NYSN, DLT, Steady Statesman, Jersey Lucas and LIVES.  Great win.

Stay tuned for a couple more updates here, later. 

A little housekeeping news:  Danilo has been removed from the twitter feed and replaced with Carmelo.  Check out the Vodpod, in the left sidebar, from time to time as we will be adding videos more regularly.  Hell, we’ll be doing a lot of things a bit more regularly.  I’m stoked for action.