After a crazy weekend who would have “Thunk it” that at 5 foot 4 ..David Stern leads the NBA in Blocks? 

Updates are as follows.  Shawne Williams and his agent  have informed the Knicks that they expect to 
give them an answer on a decision to join the Knicks by this Wednesday.  The knicks can only offer him 
a $2.5 million “room” exception which can used for a maximum of two years. 

Seven-foot center Jerome Jordan has agreed “in principle” to a contract with the Knicks, interim general manager Glen Grunwald said on Monday.

The Knicks are still trying to figure out some way to carve out additional cap room for the multi-year amount that Crawford is seeking. At present, all the Knicks could offer is the new two-year “room” exception for teams that are under the luxury tax threshold, starting at $2.5 million.

Landry Fields states “WE CAN GO ALL THE WAY.” The Question is he refering to the Knicks or Hornets?

Steve Kerr “angry” over failed Chris paul Trade. Why?   

Kerr, speaking on KNBR in San Francisco, was talking about the Paul-to-Lakers move but he could have also been referencing the Paul-to-Clippers non-trade and the reasons the league has given for nixing them or pricing teams out.

“Every one of them is wrong and I don’t know how many there are either but I’ve been angry all day long about this whole thing because I think it was a great basketball trade,” he said of the Lakers offer. “There are so many trades made these days that are lousy trades that are made for financial purposes. I mean I made (when he was Suns President) one of the worst trades in NBA history. I traded Kurt Thomas and two first round picks to Seattle for nothing, to save $16 million for our organization. Where was the NBA then to veto that trade for basketball reasons?”

Finally…. here is a Fact that may make you think out loud.. The New Orleans Hornets, currently only have six healthy bodies while they try and sort out a trade for franchise guard Chris Paul. Until a decision is made on his future, the team can’t go about the process of filling in the blank spaces on the roster. UM.. we are less than TWO WEEKS AWAY FROM THE START OF THE SEASON. See ..your thinking out loud!