For once the Sky is not Falling in the Garden!

Man, for a moment Adrian Wojnarowski’s column and a NY Magazine column covering it had me in shambles, Walsh was on a hot seat. Or better yet, a “Not Seat!” As in not being given an extension that is still on the table for James Dolan to extend Walsh by an April 30th deadline. Wojo’s article rattled the saber of the potential loss of draft picks because of the whole illegal workout scandal all over again.

Articles declaring that the sky is falling or could be yet again. Obviously drawing caricatures of an all influential boogeyman and a powerless ineffectual lame duck. Making some figures appear larger than they should appear now that they fade in the distance of the organization’s rearview mirror. Meanwhile father time’s gift to the Garden is diminished despite the irrefutable strength of his body of work. 

Then, all of a sudden the sword of Damocles dissappeared. The one drawn up over the Knicks head by a columnist with a flair for high drama and drawing cheap hits. Disappeared, when it was announced that the NY Knicks had only to pay a $200,000.00 fine for the pre draft work out scandal. Making it evident that the Old Shark would not be defanged his array of current or obtainable draft picks.

Picks Walsh could surely lines up for the ultimate game of poker and chicken with the franchise’s legacy and future on the line. And then the seemingly powerless lame duck was given a voice by a reporter who simply dared to listen and let those words write themselves. A columnist with an agenda for hits or drama would not have the last word on Walsh’s virility, dignity and presence as the beacon and good steward in the Garden! For once, the sky’s not falling in the Garden!