Forbes vs NBA. Who is lying?

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Forbes: “Ticket revenues… are up 22% compared to 1999-2000 season” 
NBA: Ticket revenues have increased 12% over the 10 year period, not the 22% reported.

Forbes: “17 teams lost money according to Forbes… Most of these losses were small…”
NBA: Forbes’ claim is inaccurate. In 2009-10, 23 teams had net income losses. The losses were in no way “small” as 11 teams lost more than $20M each on a net income basis.

Forbes: “The profits made by the Knicks, Bulls and Lakers alone would be enough to cover the losses of all 17 unprofitable teams.” 
NBA: “The Knicks, Bulls and Lakers combined net income for 2009-10 does not cover the losses of the 23 unprofitable teams.”

Forbes: estimates – a $183 million profit for the NBA in 2009-10.
NBA: Our losses for 2009-10 were -$340 million.