Funky Fanatics Friday: Video Message From David Stern To Lakers — Opps Upside Your Head

featuring the GAP BAND

I considered posting the Temptation’s Ball of Confusion which would have appropriately symbolized all of the trade rumors, murmurs and happenings on the eve of the opening of free agency and the trade period.  However, I chose the Gap Band’s “Opps Upside Your Head” which reflects the reported move by David Stern to block a blockbuster trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers.  David Stern reportedly went “opps upside the Lakers’ head” by vetoing the deal for what he termed “basketball reasons” and what reporters are claiming is capitulation to the league owners who have a 1/30th piece of the team and are unhappy that the Lakers receive the advantage in light of the signing of a CBA that was supposed to create competitive balance.  Yeah, opps upside your head Lakers.

The reality though is that David Stern has yet to define “basketball reasons” and just because Dan Gilbert, who just got two top lottery picks, wrote a “Dear David” letter to the commissioner’s customer service office there is no proof that Stern cancelled the deal because the Lakers became a better team.  How could he determine that with the reported loss of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom?  Was he really trying to block the coupling of Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard?  Was he exercising his right as “owner rep” of the Hornets to force Paul into a position where he could conceivably lose millions of dollars if he did not sign an extension and by consequence, the Hornets would walk away with nothing for Paul?  That makes no sense. Something is not right here.  Did anyone notice that Paul did not say he would sign an extension with the Lakers?  I didn’t see a report that he would.  Did you? I saw a claim that he considered suing the league and that he simply said “wow” on his twitter page, but I never saw him agree to sign an extension.

Peaceman is still the man as his source’s assertion of a deal between the Knicks and Hornets is still in play.  I look forward to the answers.  However, this should make it clear to everyone that claims the Knicks don’t have the assets to trade for Paul, that if the league wants something to happen or not to happen, they can make it happen or not happen. Today is the beginning of training camp and free agency, so we will soon see what transactions the league will actually allow in their “basketball reasoning” discretion.  

Other funky type news to report: Reportedly the Knicks are close to signing Tyson Chandler, which would give the Knicks one of the most formidable front lines in the league.  That would be terrifyingly terrific.  Can you imagine the raucous screams at the Garden for the effort on BOTH ends of the floor. . . However, it is rumored that the deal will be made to allow the Knicks to trade Amar’e Stoudemire, who brought back Knick swagger and attracted Carmelo in the first place.  Sources say the deal of amar’e for Paul was offered by the Knicks but rejected out of hand  (hopefully by word from Stern, who knows how f’d up that would be). (With all do respect, does Peter Vescey still have any real juice as a messenger or is he just pedaling to retirement?)

 . . . . Eddie Curry has finally signed a contract with the Miami Heat which means that in order to be the biggest winner he had to have become the biggest loser for the weight obsessed Pat Riley. Curry, 29, has played in only ten games in the past three years and tried out for the Heat at least twice before they picked him up as a cheap plug-in to the center spot.  With his career almost slipping away, Curry finally figured out that fat meat is greasy.  Hopefully, he can stick with this team or at least show some passion for the sport that has allowed him to make a living. . . . Oh btw, Shane Battier reportedly will sign with the Heat too. . . . Do you folks think Chris Broussard, who has a new rumor every thirty minutes contradicting the one he offered five minutes prior (or sometimes the contradictions appear in the same sentence, is having a bad day.  I don’t think so. In the new NBA, rumors are currency for reporters and NBA execs alike.  Chris is wrong as mittens on Secretariat’s feet, but bro man is due for a promotion because he can make stuff up (with the help of sources) faster than Stephen King in a brainstorming session during a thundery blackout. . . . And can we get some Fanatics to keep up with all the transaction today.  Let us know what’s happening and  hit us up on twitter too. . . . Peaceman, O&B and Vic Corbit will be leading Knicks Fanatics Radio on Sunday night at 7:30pm. Peace and crew will be talking to callers.  I will post info this weekend.