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 Is this photo suggestive of the way the NBA is enforcing censorship???

WTF??? The Gestapo “Secret State Police” was the official Police of Nazi Germany. In similar fashion,the league gave team officials a long list of people connected to players that they can’t communicate with, including agents, family members, personal staff, workout guys and shoe representatives. Several sources said the league office is intent on cracking down on any violations, proposing hefty fines to teams and individuals and possibly even firings. If team officials have a chance encounter with players, they are ordered to record details of the meeting and report it. and team websites can’t program pictures or video of players. Employees in team ticket offices can’t mention players’ names when trying to sell season-ticket packages. One assistant coach has asked for permission for a player to be in his wedding.

“It’s crazy,” Chris Paul said.

League and team officials can’t call, text, email or tweet players. Facebook is out, too. The league might even check phone records of team employees to ensure no contact is taking place. Spouses of team employees also have been instructed not to speak with players’ wives or girlfriends, one source said. Nor can teams help players purchase tickets to events in their arenas – like concerts – during the work stoppage. 

Is this still AMERICA?  With the fore mentioned tactics currently  put in place by the upper power in the NBA, I truly wonder!