Half-Time Game Thread. Knicks Lead 60 -53

We couldn’t get back-to-back LBE’s going tonight, but I notice there are those Fanatics out there wanting to share this potential victory with the Knicks Family, so here is a game thread, rather  half-game thread.

Right now the Knicks are leading by 7.  Danilo has come to play for at least a half. He is running the floor which has lead t 18 points in 12 minutes on 6-7 shooting and 4 for 5 from the charity spot.  He also has a block and is playing hard defense, not great but hard.  Unfortunately he hass three fouls going into the half.  Still, if we can get him to do his thing for another half, that would be fabulous.   Let’s Go Knicks.

Feel free to join the discussion.