Hard Not To Get Excited About Baron Davis (Videos)


After watching the point guards last night, it’s even harder not to get excited about the possibilities presented by the signing of Baron Davis.  Neither Douglas nor Shumpert are ready to run point on a regular basis.  It’s unfortunate because New York fans really like the hard working Douglas and Shumpert has become an automatic favorite.  However, these guys are both shooting guards who are not the best decision makers on the break., or perhaps they feel unable to make those tight passes or lobs to cutters.  It is sad to watch Toney Douglas kind of flounder until he starts being aggressive with his shots.  Once he starts to hit shots, his game and confidence change, but it does not transform into a penetrating and dishing guard.

On the other hand,when you watch the highlights of Baron Davis with the Cavs last year and look at his interview with Knicks Now, you can’t help but think, “hurry your behind up Baron and get better. Stoudemire needs you.”