Hot Links For The Basketball Soul (Vol 3.1): Timofey Get’s Married Vegas Style


Timofey Gets Married

BURNING HOT:  Just in this morning from Yard Barker via Ted Williams’ Head via The Big Lead.  Ex-Knick Timofey Mozgov went to All-Star weekend. while still a Knick, and made the boldest off-court, trade deadline move of all.  He traded bachelorhood for marriage when he tied the knot Las Vegas style, in his sweats, at a hotel chapel.  But as he explained it, he and Alla wanted to get married and he already proposed in a very romantic setting.  Here is an excerpt of what happened from his blog Brainstorming, translated with the Google Translator.

… Let me try to guess: you expect me impressions of weekend in Los Angeles? . . . But I have to be honest, at this time was a no less enchanting weekend in Vegas – we got married … Alla !!!))) Hide – these plans, we did not conceal, but also to spread much – is not wanted. I have to say: everything was great fun!  No, of course, in Vegas we were going to have quite a specific purpose)) I offer Alla made somewhere about three months ago.  Home, but in a very romantic setting. In general, all as it should))) And the wedding we wanted to play nice. Came to the concierge. Asked to address chapels.  Went to watch them. But somehow none of ecstasy did not cause. Returned to the hotel. Explained the situation to that heard in response: that everything can be done right here in the hotel.  Of course, we were very happy! We watched a couple of rooms.  And finally chosen area on the street with pavilions. But here’s the most interesting has begun)))


SIZZLE FIZIZZLE: Commitment is good.  If a Fanatic, not just a Knicks Fanatic, had an anthem, not just about basketball, but for feeling so passionate about something that he or she would stay with it through thick or thin, the new song, written for and sung by former American Idol contestant Chris Medina, would fit the bill. When combined with Medina’s back story, the song is a real tearjerker.  It highlights the character of someone true to his words and allegiance.   In Chris’ case, he had Jennifer Lopez in tears when she cut him from American Idol before he reached the final 24 because he had shown such character in staying with his fiance after she suffered partial paralysis and brain damage from an auto accident. Instead of leaving her when she needed him more, he became her primary care taker. After Chris was discharged from American Idol, as occasionally happens to fallen Idol talent, he was recognized by a top notch producer, who was moved to write a song for him called “What Are Words.”  It’s easy to draw an analogous connection between the song and Knicks Fanatics who have endured and hung with their team through some painful times, but the truth is that I just love this song, Chris’ story and the powerful message about how committed we should be to those we love and how thankful we should be to have someone, something to be passionate for.  Congratulations to the Mozgovs and the Medinas.