KnicksChick Upset Walsh Went To Jared: Hot Links For The Basketball Soul (Vol 3.4)


Hot Chicks: There are a few Youtube Channels dedicated to discussions about the New York Knicks and one of the more interesting ones is the video home of KnicksChick.  After a year, she has garnered over 72,000 upload views; viewers are no doubt attracted to her acerbic Fanatic wit and cute indignation which she is full of in the video below as she disses the Knicks for going to Jared — Jared Jeffries that is. 

Courtesy of  Stilleto Jill, we present you another of our hot faves, Serena Williams, gaming in black leather and fishnet stockings, in this inspirational commercial.  It’s not strictly about the Knicks or basketball, but consider it a visual from one of our sponsors.

Warm Regards: With the Knicks getting battered and the Denver Nuggets looking especially good since Carmelo escaped to New York, it is very easy to forget why the trade was a good idea in the first place.  Michael Wilbon’s immediate reaction at may relax you a little bit and release you from some of the tensions gripping Knicks fans during this playoff run fall-off.  The trade was not really about NOW (think D’Antoni is pissed?).  It is about the future, and the forecast is clear with a chance of perennial playoff basketball.