Hotlinks for the Basketball Soul — (Vol. 3.4): A BBall Blogger Reports From Japan


HOT AS IN NUCLEAR (NOT GOOD):  Our blogger friend, Don, the writer for Laker’s Blog “With Malice” is reporting on the devastation from his home in southern Japan.  He and his family are safe, since the quake hit hardest north of Tokyo, but Japan, as you may have seen from television and Internet reports, is severely damaged.  He reports over 1400 confirmed dead and expresses some relief that the previously reported nuclear reactor failures are not as bad as previously thought.  However, the release of radioactive material into the environment is still a bad development, simply one that could have been worse. 

The Internet, and the ability of many to report different sides of major events in real time, seems to be reducing the power of media conglomerates.  One would hope so.  While major stations like CNN focused on the number of Americans injured in Japan, stations such as BBC seem to understand that the world is too connected to be so xenophobic, nationalistic or even American-centered.  Through social media we can now follow and experience the lives of those as far away as Japan and Egypt in ways that create greater empathy and caring than ever before.  

Now we are touched by the catastrophe in Japan and we are concerned about more than just Americans.  Below are some pictures that Don shares in his story.  He notes that we can convert our feelings of sadness to actual assistance by donating to the Red Cross.



Daylight Saving TimeHot Date: Don’t forget to spring forward.  Put  your clock ahead by one hour. “Daylight Saving Time” begins at 2 a.m. on March 13, 2011.

Heated Opinion and Hot Tickets: Michael Wilbon had a nice piece on the Carmelo trade. He believes it was a good trade for the Knicks who should have pulled the trigger earlier. . . The Knicks are raising ticket prices way up to cover the new stars and the new facilities that will be their stage. . . .