I’d rather the League’s drama than Lebron’s drama or the Melodrama redux

“you know I’m a dreamer but my heart’s of gold, I had a run away high so I wouldn’t come home low” (I’m Coming Home, by Motley Crew) 

Call me crazy call me selfish but don’t call me an NBA fan. I’m a Knicks fan and Knicks fan straight up.

After two years of madness and mass player upheavals and relocation’s over at Madison Square Garden, I’m plain tired of player chase dramas. You know what I’m referring to, dealing with Lebron’s will he or won’t he (sign with the Knicks) and all the roster reshuffling that cost my beloved team. Living through the subsequent (in season) Melodrama, which eventually became a hostage negotiation for Melo’s services (induced by Anthony himself) and excessive shake down of the Knicks supporting roster.

This year’s NBA non-season may be nonsensical to many who follow the game and are addicted to league action. I, however, only watch the game and follow the league as it relates to those Orange and Blue Knickerbockers. That for me means that all the NBA’s drama over whether a deal will or won’t get done is preferable to hearing about, which developing set of up and coming Knicks role players will be sacrificed to the Super team gods to lure Chris Paul’s services. One less drama-filled season over at Madison Square Garden, one less year of scrapping the process of developing a balanced integrated team of complimentary pieces that proved to be as viable a winning formula over multi star rock tours — that garner nauseously accelerated levels of ESPN sycophant coverage. 

One whole year without watching the sham of D’antoniball being pawned off by the Madison Square Garden marketing team as a competitive and competent brand of winning (never mind Championship) basketball. One less year of uninspired D’Antoni defensive miscues. One less year of bone headed last minute miscues by the Mustachiod one.  One less year of D’Antoni’s mismanaging player development, playing favorites and making excuses for his team’s substandard performances. Though I must admit I will miss seeing the spectacle of Chauncey Billlups taking the reign of the team’s offense and Melo and STAT ignoring the Garden’s lame duck “offensive genius.”

On the other hand as we Knicks fans weather the NBA’s labor management abyss, I’m hopefully that much closer to seeing Madison Sqaure Garden’s (perhaps just wishful thinking) hiring of a competent and balanced head coach. Perhaps in that meantime, Stoudemire’s back ills will heal completely, Melo’s elbows and Knees will have recovered, fully. Perhaps on the other end of the drama of the NBA’s player/ownership divide the CP3 drama the Knicks avoid as the 2011-12 season vanishes, may bring Paul to Gotham’s shores. To the greatest city in the world sans the spectacle that plagued and stripped down the Knicks supporting cast during the past two seasons. Now wouldn’t that be worth the wait.