Impressions From Knicks Open Practice

Knicks Fanatic Tman just returned from Knicks open practice and logged in the following report which appears in the comment section of the “First Preseason Game Grades” thread:

Just got back from the open practice. Kind of liked what I saw. These guys seem to like each other, good start.  Douglas has a ways to go, but it is doable, but then BANG, along come news that Baron Davis signed for the 2&1/2 mil exception. How hurt is this guy and what are his expectations? If he wants to help and is healthy he could do a lot. If he has a top dog mentality he could fyck up a fragile situation.  Disregard NJ games, there is only 2/5ths of a team there. They need to get Stern to be their GM too and Howard might appear.  Nice things happening in our pleasantly renovated space, but these guys are still strangers to each other.  Shumpert has ability but is very raw, needs time to hone his game.  Harrelson, very strong hands, Josh the Stripper? and likes to shoot the 3.  Doesn’t look bad either, plus he likes to bang.  While people are trying the ball slows down too much, the usual suspects guilty here, guys start watching instead of screening and cutting.  D’eadWood combo is strange. Woodrow is out there exerting a lot wore than defensive authority.  It looks more like he’s co-coaching than assisting.  Chandler made a few nice interior passes our guys haven’t seen in a while.He was also missed on a few rolls he made after screening.That movement was a pleasant surprise.  He seems to know how to play.  Now if that is catching…?Offensive ball movement has to grow. The ball is still stopping too much in non-productive spots. Weak side is not making moves but watching. P&Rs being missed with regularity. However the D has potential.Chandler is a legit shotblocker and covers a lot of makeup ground.If he holds guys accountable we will improve. All in all I’m hopeful, but can D’eadwood survive a weak assed opening? We can beat bad teams, but good ones…?