Is 6 The Magic Number or My Worst Nightmare?

With a record of 23-21 the Knicks are currently in 6th place in the Eastern Conference and 6 wins away from equaling their win total from a year ago.  Landry Fields (#6) and their #6 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, Danilo Gallinari, have played a major role in their resurgence along with Amar’e Stoudemire, (#1) Raymond Felton, (#2) and Wilson Chandler. (#21) If you add up the digits in the last 3 players’ numbers you come up with a sum of, you guessed it, 6.  (1+2+2+1=6)

What does this all mean? I was hashing out this article in my head on my way to the gym. When I got there I felt compelled to hang my keys on the #33. I immediately thought of Larry Bird but perhaps my mind should have been on Patrick Ewing. When I was leaving the gym another coincidence had me feeling like Jim Carrey in 23. No, not like I was a funny comedian trying really hard to be respected as a serious actor. More like this number 6 was haunting me, warning me of things to come. Could it be another 6 game losing streak? The Knicks have already had 2 of those.  The Detroit Pistons are on the schedule for Sunday so it couldn’t be that. So why did I also hang my jacket up in locker #33?

Let’s see, Carmelo Anthony’s number is 15. 1+5=6. Now I’m either a certifiable basketball nut, a conspiracy theorist, or I’m on the verge of arithmophobia. Maybe a little bit of all of them.  Could I be fearful of Anthony’s arrival in New York? I suppose that could be it. Gutting the roster to acquire Melo has been one of my biggest worries and as one GM supposedly has said, Anthony playing in New York is inevitable now that the Nets are out of the running. Even still, this nightmare seemed more urgent. Something was going to happen and it was going to happen soon. Oh wait how did I not think of it?! It’s that guy.


Damn You #6! Get Out Of My Head!